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// she's only happy in the sun.
Jul 08
Jul 08

move over magic bullet…

the champion is here. well it isn’t technically ‘here’. but it will be. soon. it’s our appliance-we-have-a-crush-on. after the iphone that is. although that is less of an appliance and more of a gadget-we-want-with-a-severe-wanting.

and when it is finally in our clutches the smoothie/nut butter creating/sorbet making magic will begin.

you can come over and try it. bring your own berries.

Jul 08

how is the music workin’ for ya?

i want each of you to send me a picture of yourselves cringing.

if i get 10 cringes i’ll take it off automatic loop.

otherwise, start singing along.

i know you know the words.


Jul 08

my fault.

today i realized i made a huge mistake at work. an-easily-avoided-should-never-have-happened-mistake. i found out as i was walking out of the office at 5.30pm, so ready to go home, unwind, pack for the impending cruise adventure, and sleep. oh sweet sleep – how i’ve missed you.

so, 5.30pm. panic stations. heart racing. stomach queasy. the air suddenly heavier. harder to breathe. it’s not that my line of work deals with any life or death situations. the last time i checked, touring broadway shows were not changing the world in any drastic way. but i still have a job to do. a job i love. a job that i usually do really well.

i called my boss and left him a message explaining the situation. i apologized and took full responsibility for the mix up. i called my media buyer and she did her best to pacify me. she is an amazing resource to have. someone who has been in this industry and market for nearly thirty years.

boss calls back. cool, calm and composed, as always. reminds me it’s just a mistake and tells me it’s actually a good thing because it’s a lesson to learn from and everything is going to be okay. heart stops its uptempo beating. stomach ceases to flip.

i think that one thing i’m learning how to do better is to ‘own’ my actions. i have a past that boasts many examples of my aptitude for wheedling out of messes i have created (i know marabeth will nod her head in agreement as she reads this). but in recent years i’ve realized that growth comes out of claiming those actions/decisions/mistakes/failures in judgment and being accountable, facing the issue head on and doing better next time.


i love flipping my pillow over to the ‘cool’ side


having an aesthetically pleasing desktop is a must. make yours lovely today. (thank you ryan lash)

Jul 08
Jul 08
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resuming regularly scheduled programming

list of things i haven’t done in the past few months (because it’s not just my blog that has been neglected)

1. made my bed
2. gotten more than 6 hours of sleep a night
3. brushed my hair
4. gone grocery shopping
5. read a book
6. experienced boredom

list of things i’ve done instead:

1. fallen in love

i did also have a salad named after me at the best mediterranean cafe this side of the mississippi (i have no idea where the mississippi really is, or what side of it i’m on for that matter). but, if you go to cafe rakka in hendersonville (which i would recommend if you know what’s good for you), get the ‘golriz salad’. you’ll be addicted.


tonight after work marabeth and i jumped on our trampoline. our neighbors may think we are crazy. we are. it’s great.


Jul 08
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Jul 08
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i can be found at 4pm eating almond butter straight out of the jar

tonight i cleaned and organized the disarray that surrounded me. clothes back in drawers and on hangers. laundry folded. kitchen swept and swiffered. and at this juncture, i’d like to pause and officially thank the creative genius behind the swiffer. i charged my ipod and my shuffle and the battery for my camera. i answered emails. i returned calls. i debated about whether to go to the grocery store and buy real food – but then decided i was perfectly content with a dinner of yogurt, almonds, frozen banana slices drizzled with maple syrup.

my life recently has been full to capacity and so the ‘to do’ list grows increasingly longer – but it occurs to me that what doesn’t get done today, may get done tomorrow, and even if it doesn’t, it’s probably not that important anyway.

impromptu list of things that are more important than the things on my to do list

seeing the stars that are held captive in certain eyes
noticing the perfection that exists in nature. a blade of grass. a petal. a cherry.
sharing prayers
sharing dreams
sharing fears
forehead pressed against forehead
smiling at strangers, and friends, and not yet friends
hands holding hands
bare feet
spontaneous ballroom dancing in the middle of the street
inhaling and exhaling
anything that is whispered


Jul 08
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Jul 08

drum roll please

i have a very large trampoline gracing my backyard.
let the jumping fun begin.
side note: a HUGE thank you to devon for putting this together in the searing heat while i stayed inside the a/c and observed with glee.

Jul 08

box o’ pancake mix

sugar free
wheat free
yeast free
gluten free
DELICIOUS pancakes
can exist.

this mix makes it happen.
it’s only found at trader joes.
a lovely lad sent me a whole box.
i’d recommend you get your hands on some asapers. if you bring the blueberries i’ll share mine with you. also bring a change of clothes because inevitably there will be oil splattered in your direction. many a dress has been lost to this cause.

Jul 08
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a to z of my thursday

Awake by choice not by alarm
Bird motif green pajamas
Cake for breakfast
Dancing in the middle of the street
Elated by it all
Figuring out how to justify getting an iPhone
Getting to work from home
Hookah hilarity
Ice tea sweetened with honey
Jafsy on skype
Lotionfoot a.k.a the secret to life
Maple syrup is no longer my enemy
Never getting lost again thanks to tom tom
Only a few weeks till i’m sailing the high seas. sort of.
Pine nuts make the world a better place
Quiet moments
Ragamuffin hair
Salad with gulf shrimp, spinach, roasted corn and bacon equates to deliciousness
Talking like the Tudors
Uncoordinated t-tapping with Maz
Vespa riding
Wishing it was the weekend already
eXcited about impending adventures
Year of miracles
Zed not zee

Jul 08
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bestfriends in flight.

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