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// she's only happy in the sun.
Aug 09
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Aug 09
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vampires suck. literally.

sorry to disappoint you, but this post is not about vampires. not even slightly. i just wanted to cash in on the hype. so this is me. cashing in.

i’m going to try to be a more routine blogger. and teeth flosser. these are two things that are not that difficult to do, but yet i seem to put off, for other things. like watching the john adams miniseries, or perfecting the BEST sugar-free, wheat-free (for those who “get it”, these are 100% JW-friendly) peanut-butter cookie recipe.

which i have perfected. 4 measly ingredients people.

1 cup natural crunchy peanut butter
1 cup of maple syrup
1/2 cup of rolled oats
1 egg

mix together in no particular order. heat the oven to 350. bake for 12 minutes. tah-dah.


for those of you who are privy to how utterly disastrous my first ‘meeting’ with rainn wilson was – you will understand how the fact that he retweeted my tweet today was cause for grand celebration. i think it signifies that he no longer thinks of me as the strange girl who did the ‘robot’ while repeating ‘i’m a mac’ like a mantra.

side note: i finally met rainn in new york a month or so ago, and not only is he as awesome as you already know he is, but he’s also a fantastic father. little walter wilson was scampering all over him (as small children are wont to do) and rainn wasn’t phased in the slightest. carried on with our breakfast meeting while exuding super patience and attentiveness.

in conclusion, do i have the best boss in the world and the best job in the world? why yes, i think i do.


list of all the things i wanted to do today. but didn’t.

* snuggle up to a cute baby and inhale the smell that only babies have
* go to a yoga class
* buy a ukulele
* go for a long walk by a stretch of water
* start reading a book i can’t put down
* buy a pet lemur
* take nontraditional portraits of people

list of things i did instead.

* stayed in pj’s till 5pm
* went on a vespa ride with dev at dusk
* feasted on peanut butter cookies straight out of the oven
* impatiently waited for my friend to tell me she is engaged
* chit chatted with ry-lash


in other news:

- i also spied this spectacular portfolio of abandoned houses.

- i want to high five people who make the most of umbrellas and puddles and jumping photos in the rain.

- i swooned over the capture of colorful walls and doorways.

Aug 09
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as a result of too many road trips…

one of my favorite activities is going into a gas station and seeing who can find the strangest object. i usually win this game, except for the time i went with andy and he found non-dairy kosher spray cheese. ew.

recently i saw these ed hardy energy drinks and had to take a picture. because nothing is more hard core than DRINKING ed hardy while wearing ed hardy. yikes. i fit squarely in this category.

Aug 09
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how to bedazzle me: create a radio out of a rock

i’m adding guus oosterbaan to the list of people i want to be friends with in real life.

Aug 09
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how to woo me: coffee on tap

this little machine (located in the lobby of the apartment we are staying in) is resulting in much coffee drinking and merriment.

three cheers for flavia.

Aug 09
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inspiration stations

since my job entails that my macbook is pretty much an extension of my arms, i spend a greater portion of each day online. this means every day is an adventure to different places and faraway lands, without the worry of lost luggage and maps. which reminds me, here is a list of things that sensible people do, that i don’t do:

use maps
have an umbrella handy
follow recipes
have a skin care regime
sleep before 3am
listen to voice messages
check the weather forecast
worry about health insurance benefits

so the point of the post was that several times a day little things enter my world that inspire and delight me. here are a few from today:

loveliest birth announcement i’ve ever spied.

these clever newspaper black out poems. definitely will be featuring these on SP.

the color scheme of yellow & gray. actually yellow everything. especially sundresses.

rainn’s twitter feed today.

the fact that dev offers to make me tea at random intervals during the day. generally anything that has to do with tea. including this tea installation.

the insides of strangers moleskins and sketchbooks.

Aug 09
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why i read mimi smartypants

she is a fellow list maker. the best kind of lists. see:


1. The woman who makes the sign of the cross at anyone who coughs or sneezes.

2. Guy who paces around at the bus stop literally wringing his hands and looking like he’s about to scream with anxiety.

3. Woman who has shaved off both her eyebrows and drawn them back on, only she’s made a series of little dots and not connected the line.

Aug 09


i think bubbles could put an end to war.

we could start small. the next time you are angry with someone go buy some bubbles and blow them together. you’ll feel better. i promise.

on another note, i am very selective about overhead lighting but this bubble inspired chandelier is exquisite.

Aug 09
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random is beautiful

here is a gem for you – random got beautiful. found this gem thanks to redpepper.

it’s basically a collection of a random assortment of photos that have similar color schematics. such a simple, effective idea.

Aug 09
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sigh. who has time for words?

Aug 09
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Aug 09
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these GEMS were spied thanks to a tweet by fellow hot-beverage-lover lindsay.

more here.

Aug 09
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someone left this comment on Soul Pancake the other day & i think it’s brilliant, so I had to share. PS. I LOVE MY JOB.

Aug 09
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dear mum,

yes, my blog is void of activity, but i’m still happy, healthy and alive.

i have pictures to prove it. exhibit a.

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