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// she's only happy in the sun.
Jan 10
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Jan 10
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i blame our 4 months of living out of one suitcase for the reason i’m feeling extra-nesty

i’m loving the notion of only having white dishes in my house. and LOTS of wooden spoons.


Jan 10
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i don’t really understand how it works, but i want it.

a 3d holga? YES pleasey. (you can) buy (me) this beauty here.


Jan 10
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Jan 10
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Jan 10
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heart hands

i’m 100% sure there is not ONE photo of me in existence where i’m throwing up a ‘gang’ sign. i know that it’s just fun and games (and lord knows i’m down with games and FUN) but the only people who (i think ) should strike these kind of poses are ACTUAL gang members. and i could be wrong, but i imagine that most of them have more pressing matters to take care of than updating their facebook profile picture with their latest gang sign.

there ends my rant about gangsignZ. this video also sums up my thoughts quite nicely.

but here’s where i admit that i use (proably all too often) the heart hand sign. you know the one – where your two hands meet to form a little heart. cute? annoying? i don’t care. i love it and here’s me perfecting the art form. note me getting caught out by the barrista in the coffee shop in photo 1 & the serious concentration on my face in photo 2.

Photo 97Photo 83

i will never forget what happened when dev tried to replicate my ‘heart hands’ back to me over ichat one day. it’s pretty awesome because this incredible brain who has a degree in engineering, who taught himself how to code websites, and can sit down at any strange musical instrument and create nice sounds instead of cacophony, CANNOT, for the life of him, make the heart sign with his hands.

what results is captured below. we have coined it “fortress fingers” (in the baha’i faith, marriage is regarded as a ‘fortress for wellbeing’. and what’s cooler than a fort? nothing. that’s what.)

ps. i can’t WAIT to build our fortress of wellbeing together! 10 weeks and counting. hooray.


Jan 10
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Jan 10
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Jan 10
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Jan 10
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and then we went to a KINGdom

it’s been pouring with rain since we got to samoa but the cool, lushness is such a treat after four days in tonga’s inescapable heat. and when i say inescapable i mean EXACTLY that. we couldn’t escape it. not even the dude from prison break with the intricate escape route tattooed on his back could escape it. the ocean was like tepid bathwater so that wasn’t a refuge. there was no a/c anywhere. no cool breeze. no freezer to stick my head in and wait it out till winter. nothing. and did i just accept it and embrace the humidity like my champion of a teammate? no i did not.

half sidenote: hot climates make me super irritable. it’s like the nice just melts out of my pores and you’re left with the not-so-nice. i don’t want to be touched or talked to or even looked at. the extreme cold also makes me mean. but more morose-mean rather than please-stop-breathing-because-you-are-just-adding-more-hot-air-to-the-room kind of mean. basically, i need to come with a warning sticker that states i’m only suitable for human interaction in moderate climates.

BUT apart from the things that i found tough to deal with (the heat, the hungry mosquitoes, the stomach bug, the trash everywhere, the little to zero sleep because of the HEAT), tonga was also amazing. amazing in the way that only places that have very little in the way of material possessions, but so much in the way of human hearts can offer.

devon and i got to hang out a lot with the baha’i’s on the island and they were all beautiful beams of light. they made sure to give us the full tongan experience complete with showing us how to climb a coconut tree and taking us on an adventure to find a pig to roast on a spit. devon loved this of course,  while i looked in the other direction, ate my kumala (sweet potato) and reaffirmed my decision to be a vegetarian.

the people in tonga are warm, welcoming, sweet and generous. it’s impossible not to get sideswiped by their love. it’s also inspiring to observe the way people share what little they have to ensure no one goes without.

i will never forget wading about in the ocean as a bunch of shy, giggling tongan children in sing-song voices asked my name and yelled out “i love you” and “lolly” (their interpretation of ‘goli’). that kind of sweetness lodged tonga firmly into my heart.





Jan 10
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it’s been just over two weeks since we left australia and i have so much to tell you about our merry escapades and adventures, but here’s the main reason the blog is being neglected:

i’m trying ardently to be a ‘person of the outside’.

this is a reference to my dear friend ladan. she’s one of those people who will look you in the eye and quietly, but firmly, tell you that your deodorant isn’t working. everyone needs a friend like that because at the end of the day, real friends don’t let you stink/have cilantro stuck in your teeth/tell you that you suit hammer pants.

anyway. dev & i stayed with ladan a few times when we were in melbourne and so she got to observe our day-to-day existence and the fact that when we are in work mode we forget to go outside. or eat. or shower. one day ladan referred to me and dev as ‘people of the inside’ and i guess it left an impact.

my mum also had the same concern about our work habits and she finally figured that the only way to lure us away from our laptops was with food. needless to say we ate REALLY well at home.

afrooz & luke distracted us with their fancy spot of paradise (a.k.a. manly beach)

nina & brendon wooed us with sunsets over the black sandy beaches of piha.

and now samoa beckons with it’s tropical delights.

and so, we’re learning to unplug.

Jan 10

liar, liar, pants on fire.

sometimes when i share my adventures i might add a teensy bit of um, let’s call it ‘jazz hands’ to the story. some people might call this LYING. and i call those people BAD STORY TELLERS.  in fact, if you are going to tell a story i’d actually prefer you pepper it with a few hyperbolic statements here and there just to keep the momentum going. after all i have the attention span of a gnat. gnat starts with a silent ‘g’ so it’s on my list of ‘words i loathe for no good reason, other than they start with a silent “g”‘.

see how i did that? i don’t ACTUALLY have the attention span of a gnat (although who really knows what kind of attention span a gnat has?) but i said it nonetheless and hope that you will forgive me for my LIES.

but the thing is, even i have a limit when it comes to everyday dramatic speech. and i think i’ve found my threshold in 16-year-old-girl-talk. i’m actually not exaggerating when i say that at least twice an hour my sister and her friends will EXCLAIM (in between gasps for oxygen):

‘”omigod i.can’t.actually.breathe.right.now”.

the first time i heard this i thought my sister actually couldn’t breathe and was having an asthma attack. but i quickly realized that she’d just seen some shoes she liked and this was just her way of saying “wow. i really like those shoes”.

and then i was schooled in the application of this brilliant one liner.
in love? surprised? scared? amazed? horrified? bored? devastated? ecstatic?
just blurt out “OMIGOD. i can’t breathe”. it fits. every time.

in conclusion, i love my sister, but teenagers scare me.

Jan 10
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the day the masses were ‘informed’.

i wondered why my twitter following had got a bump and then i spied the below message that dear rainn had sent out to his 1.8 million followers. masses of strangers then proceeded to wish us happiness and some said other lovely, albeit strange, things. it was pretty awesome. and a bit ‘stranger danger’-ish.

Screen shot 2010-01-17 at 12.51.00 AM

Jan 10

it’s official. my heart no longer fits in my ribcage.

i am engaged to the sweetest, kindest, most wonderful man i know.

we have the most supportive, generous, and loving families.

we have incredible friends who fill our lives with so much laughter and happiness.

we have a Faith that promotes unity above everything else, and has the remedy to heal this troubled world.

we are engaged in work that allows us the flexibility to travel all over the globe, and collaborate with the most brilliant and creative minds we know.

and we are not taking any of it for granted.


dev & gol, LA 2009

Jan 10
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“you’re both so cute it makes me projectile vomit rainbows and unicorn horns.”–david faroz precht

my friends say the sweetest things.

in other news, we loved our little gallivant to sydney. whoa, either gallivant is a real word, or my spell checker isn’t working. gallivanTING i knew, but just plain old gallivant?!

anyway. our little getaway happened to coincide with perhaps the most stressful time we’ve encountered lately – the hatching of the new, and improved, SoulPancake. this meant that we didn’t sleep at all for the few days prior, and we worked up until the minute we left the house. mum had to put some serious pedal to metal to get us to the airport on time. she not only managed to get us there with time to spare, but she also fed us a three-course persian meal in the backseat. is my mum a superhero? the answer is: yes.

staying connected and getting wifi access was our mission for the day, so we were the maniacs you see at the airport who create their own home office with blatant disregard for other peoples personal travel space. dev kept checking in with our brilliant team of developers/coders, while i prayed to god, and oprah.

we got to sydney and the first few hours were all a blur of plane, train and ferry as we made it to afrooz & luke’s little patch of paradise on the shores of manly beach. we caught up with our dear friends, wolfed down delicious thai food, and then proceeded to work until the sun came up and all through the next day. we are obviously the lamest house guests.

but once SP was up and running (except for when rainn would tweet about it, and it would all come crashing down), we were able to take a break, eat luke’s perfect pancakes, soak up sun & surf, visit the beautiful baha’i temple, and come up with ludicrous names for their BABY. i have to all-caps ‘baby’, because the idea of luke & af having their first little one is so exciting! mostly because this baby will be the cutest little surfer baby. and thus, set the bar for other babies really high.

other highlights of the trip include the musical fireside, hilarity with luckface (a.k.a shireen zein), exceeding the bounds of moderation with our fish&chip eating, and our picture-perfect dusk picnic by the ocean.

lowlights include being rejected at the door when trying to get into a hare krishna concert, squashing about 25K people’s email accounts with the SoulPancake newsletter (the SPoonful), and dev getting yelled at by a vagrant in a cafe. interestingly however, these three events all make for the best stories of the weekend.


Jan 10
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competitive? me? never :)

even though devon is an infrequent and unreliable tweeter, he consistently has far more followers in the twitosphere than i do. so i made it my mission to usurp him. and finally, victory is mine.

well, sorta. we’re now even. muhahaha :)

Screen shot 2010-01-12 at 4.18.48 PM

Screen shot 2010-01-12 at 4.20.02 PM

update: i just realized that dev was encouraging people to follow my tweets! and now my heart has melted all over the keyboard causing a mess.

Jan 10
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in australia where there are LIMITS (!) to the internet and you can’t just download whatever movie you want to watch, people have to actually get off their couches and go to video stores where they rent movies. so quaint. anyway, i have a thing for video stores, especially the little independently run ones. i have the same affinity for libraries and bookstores. i’m enamored with the idea of one place housing all those stories. a treasure trove of entertainment and escape. it’s like the INTERNET (only you can touch it).

can anyone say ‘withdrawals’.

every time we go to the video store, it’s always at LEAST a one hour of meandering around the aisles having a conversation that goes:

“have we seen this?”
“um. i don’t think so. who’s in it?
“blah blah”
“yeah, i don’t think so”
“are you sure?”
“not really”
“the back says blah blah”
“it sounds really familiar”
“are you sure?”

put this dialogue on repeat and that’s me and dev at the store. but we are also loud because he’s in new releases and i’m in the documentary section. basically, it’s a conversation that makes people nearby hate you, and by association, the rest of humanity.

so we had a brilliant idea today (that may exist but i can’t google it because NEED I REMIND YOU we don’t have internet access until midnight) that there should be an iPhone app where you can take a quick picture of the cover of the DVD and the app will tell you if you’ve seen it before, when you saw it, and what you rated it etc. so you would never have to have this conversation again. imagine the possibilities. it could be called the ‘iSaw’.

anyway, that’s what we were doing this afternoon. no big deal, just solving the worlds BIG problems one at a time.


i’ve been whipping up lists for SoulPancake but neglecting list action on my blog. so here’s one but since it only contains two items it barely passes the ‘list’ bar.

things that i’m sure will drive me crazy one day, but currently endear me:

1. the pilgrimage to the bread aisle
without fail, every time we go to the supermarket, devon goes to the bread aisle to see if he can find yeast free bread. he then spends, oh about seven minutes, turning over every variety of loaf to read the ingredients only to find that yeast is always listed. there have probably been about 3 in 100 occasions where by some miracle yeast-free bread was spied in a remote corner of some health food store freezer, but this hasn’t dampened his hope one bit.

2. conversations between my 16-year-old-sister and her friends
i thought i was a fast talker, but my sister’s conversations make it seem like i am captain annunciator. add to her fast-talking several high pitched squeals and you have 16 year olds who think clothes from the 1999 are ‘vintage’. oh dear. as they launch into their nonstop chatter, all i catch are bits and pieces: “you obviously didn’t get the memo”, “this is SO not a nashville party”, “she’s not my bef. you’re my befl”, “did you see what dad wrote on my fb? omigod. how embarrassing”, “i can’t breathe”, “i’m dying”, “whatev”, “me neith”.

dev tries to join in but his interjections of ROFLcopter and LMAOhotdogs aren’t really appreciated.


i’ve been looking up lately. here are some skies i spied.DSC_0125DSC_0240DSC_0717DSC_0592DSC_0111DSC_0322

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