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// she's only happy in the sun.
Mar 11
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rest. stop.

why is it that rest stops are never where i want to rest? i mean, i understand the need for these facilities….but i want to stop at places that beg to be photographed, not some flat ground with a concrete restroom and a decrepit picnic table. usually the places i want to stop are not designated rest areas which means i have to weigh up the chances of being run over by a 16-wheeler in order to take a photo of a brilliant yellow mustard field. or electrocuting myself as i climb a fence just so i can stand on one particular horizon line where grass meets sky. yes, the risks are high. but somehow, i’m not possessed with that rational mind that just drives by and thinks ‘hey there nice tree’. i see the tree and i want to take a photo of it. and if that means doing something that kids should not try at home, well, that’s the price you pay for an awesome photo of an awesome tree.

in other news, if i didn’t have my cassette tape iPhone case, i would most certainly invest in this one:

polaroid iphone decal spied here.


in totally unrelated news, there are days where i really miss my dog henry. it’s kind of eerie but he looked a LOT like this dog model on etsy:

when we one day move to a dog friendly zone, we’re getting one. or a baby. see? i’m flexible.

disclaimer: in order to ward off any angry comments with exclamation points and words capitalized for extra-punchy effect…i am just kidding. i know that having a baby is nothing close to the amount of hard work/responsibility/joy/satisfaction of having a dog. and babies have dimpled hands. so that’s gets them at least one quadrillion more bonus points than any dog. #babiesFTW #butistillwantadog


in closing, shabs just reminded me that last time we stayed with her we were all getting ready to go to an important meeting and devon, wanting to look ‘neat and tidy’, was looking for a comb. unable to find one, he resorted to using a SALAD FORK. shabs tells me she’s never been able to look at the fork the same way again. this is both gross and disturbing. but also hilarious and just shows how resourceful my beau is. #loveobviouslyforgivesgrossness


OH by the way, thank you to everyone for their recommendations of things to do in portland. one of my favorite suggestions came via email from yennifer (hi!). here’s an extract:

“My all time favorite – standing on the Hawthorne bridge! Especially on the right side (if you’re coming from downtown). It’s just the perfect place for me. The rush of bikers, the stillness of the water, the bridges in view, the breeze of the city, the sound of the cars (so close yet so distant), the buildings you can see. When i’m standing there, I FEEL Portland.”

holgaroid of hawthorne bridge found here. i’m ready!

Mar 11
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the mighty randomizer has selected!

and the winner of the razi wilson photography giveaway is commenter number 10: allyson farley! congratulations allyson. razi will be in touch with you soon.

allyson chose this image as her favorite:

thank you so much to everyone who participated!

ps. to all of you who came here via rainn wilson’s tweet, i hope you weren’t dissapointed by the lack of beets, bears and battlestar galactica on my blog :)

Mar 11

yet another roadtrip.

today we’re embarking on an adventure to the pacific north west. and by that i mean, oregon. we’re taking only our very best flannel and plaid in preparation and getting excited about stumptown coffee beans.

we’re stopping off for a night in san fran so we can not go stir crazy in the car split the drive over two days. our first destination after SF is sisters, oregon. i have no idea where that is.

i just googled it. and i still have no idea.

sisters looks like it’s literally a pinprick in the middle of a giant green blanket. (not sure what the white part of the map means. maybe that’s no man’s land). i sure hope that’s the case. i really could do with a dose of wide open pastures and a night sky where the stars are visible. and also a place void of police helicopters with loudspeakers demanding that the criminal in the house across the street leave the premises with his/her hands in the air. which is how we were jolted out of our sleep at 4am this past monday.

the reason for visiting sisters, is that we’ll be attending a memorial for my friend’s papa. a man who i never got to know in.real.life beyond stories that make him one of my heroes. i truly believe if there were more fathers and husbands and teachers and men like troy gussick, our world would be a much happier and kinder place.

a few days after the memorial dev has planned a little sojourn for us in portland to celebrate our one year anniversary. i still can’t quite believe it’s been nearly one year since we both got all dressed for our wedding and then dev realized he had no idea how to tie a real bow tie (and neither did the hotel staff, or the friends helping us get ready, or surprisingly the entire INTERNET) and so all of our guests had to wait 45 mins while we figured it out the wardrobe malfunction/user error.

i’m going to go on this trip armed with two, possibly three cameras. and i hear there is wifi. even in sisters-speck-on-a-map-oregon, so i’ll try to keep cozyhunting too. and please let me know if you have any recommendations for stuff to do/see/eat in portland!

ps. i saw this documentary tonight and i left feeling so inspired. bill cunningham is one of the maverick’s who first entered the realm of street style photography. but more than just being a fashion savvy photographer, i feel like bill cunningham is a gentle sweet soul, a true artist who cultivated his work into his form of worship. he captured decades of style in new york masterfully and without any pretense or snobbery. my takeaway is how easy it can be to see beauty in the world if you are sincerely looking for it and being inclusive, rather than elitist and exclusive. bill cunningham definitely left an imprint on my soul tonight.

Mar 11

writing a blog post about being online less. isn’t it ironic. #alanismorissetteshoutout

image spied here.

so lately i’ve been thinking a lot about this idea of ‘enough-ness’ and more particularly the anxiety we all have, at some point or another, about not being enough. not being good enough. smart enough. happy enough. talented enough. successful enough. aussie-music-festival-attending-all-summer-long-thus-tan enough.

simply: not _____ enough.

and i’ve also been thinking about how much being online often just reinforces this sense of not-enough-ness.

yes, you might be accomplishing your dreams, or creating authentic relationships, or achieving your goals, but within minutes of internet foraging you’ll find someone who is not only doing all of it seemingly better than you, but with more grace and more joie de vivre. and they might even be a whole lot younger than you. i totally understood when Q told me he was planning on learning a new mozart sonata until he watched a 6 year old from korea play it perfectly on youtube. it’s that kind of thing which can be a little (or a lot) joy-squashing.

it happens with stuff/technology/trends too. a few weeks after you have the latest shiny gadget, a new version comes out. and suddenly yours is passé. not old enough to be ironic and vintage. just outdated. or you jump on the blogging bandwagon only to find out that the cool kids only tumblr. or you’re enamored with chevron print but then a 15 year old on said tumblr informs the world that chevron is “OMG soooo winter 2011. spring is dots.” and you think about how you totally missed that memo.

[sidenote 1: just to clarify, i do think there is merit in striving to be better and working towards excellence. but there’s a definite difference between being inspired and this other feeling i’m talking about.]

[sidenote 2: i actually don’t really care that much about not-enough-ness when it comes to trends. i mean, i’m currently wearing leg warmers pulled up to my thighs and i sure as heck haven’t seen that look dominate the interwebs. #immunity]

but, in order to squash some of the other not-enough-ness chatter inside my head, i’ve been conscientiously decreasing the time i spend aimlessly online. this is kind of tricky since a lot of my projects revolve around this space, and lets face it, i LOVE so many things about the immediacy and sheer immensity of creative wealth that is ‘the internet’. but in setting limits and making time to leave these screens, i actually feel like a certain pressure has been lifted. the feeling of not-enough-ness has been replaced with something so much sweeter, kinder, calmer: a sense that i’m on the right track. that i’m happy with who i am and what i’m doing. a knowledge that my days are spent involved in work that i really love. and that the place i am at, is where i’d always longed to be.

Mar 11

razi wilson photography + give.away!

if you’ve been wanting to: take a photo of your kids before they turn into emo-teens, capture your adorable grandparents holding hands, or get some photos with the man/woman/child/puppy/landscape that makes your heart beat fast, then you might be very interested in today’s giveaway.

razi wilson is a photographer slash therapist slash music video beauty slash awesome person. she’s someone i wish i saw more of in this big city we live in, so i was delighted when she reached out to me to see if i could do a giveaway of one of her photography packages on my blog!

here’s a little bit more about razi:

// describe your photography style in 5 words: natural, creative, emotional, beautiful, documentary-ish,

// what is your LEAST favorite subject matter to take photographs of? Events other than weddings. I find it hard to deal with posing people and getting really cool shots, and lighting is usually challenging. I like natural light and open spaces.

// tell me about one of your most favorite shots.

This photo really says it all about my style and sentiment. It is about the feeling and the moment. I love to see the persons personality in the photo the joy or the pain in their eyes. This little girl was so mature for her age (6).  She just had way too much experience for a girl her age and i find this photo paralyzing and deep.  I love taking children’s portraits, they are so raw and real and uninhibited, they don’t know how to hide who they are.

// so…hipstamatic – awesome or annoying? I love that cool photography is accessible, I find that more and more people are using photography as a creative medium to express themselves, so kudos to all the iphone photogs. I think people can make so many things look cool with all those fancy filters.  It’s super fun!  What i find a little annoying is that there are real photographers using actual poloroids to make art and all these apps kind of make them indistinguishable – not the art, that speaks for itself, but the medium. And now everything is in cyberspace, so i feel for those artists who are doing it the real way.

// what do people underestimate when it comes to taking a great photograph? I think they underestimate the balance of technique and art that goes into making a great image. Not only are you waiting for that look or that movement you have to be adjusting aperture, shutter speed and frame the photo just right, thinking about the environment and what you want to include in the composition.  Some photographers just see it.  And i think that’s an enormous skill and talent.

// giveaway //

entering the giveaway for a razi wilson photography package valued at $150, is easy peasey (spell check wants me to change this to ‘easy peasant’ and i’m super tempted):

1. ‘like’ razi photography on facebook: here.
2. add a comment to this post with your favorite photo from razi’s photography portfolio.

winner will be picked at random on wednesday 12pm PST.

go on. do it. after all, it’s time you updated your facebook profile picture ;)

*small print: package is a “mini-session” 30-45 min, value: $150. shoot can involve 4 people max. session to be redeemed in Los Angeles only. winner receives 10-20 color corrected images hi res on CD.
Mar 11
Mar 11
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a whole new spin on getting ‘shot down’.

my photographic inspiration today comes from alex maclean. supposedly, mac lean, while studying architecture at harvard, was exposed to aerial photography which was the catalyst for his love affair of shooting photos from the skies. i find the colors, patterns and forms really mesmerizing.

so, i have the camera(s). now i just need a pilot’s license.

Mar 11

presenting you with a terribly rushed blog post.

yesterday i spent most of the day with my friend layli who i haven’t seen in about a decade. it’s kind of crazy that 10 years have passed and so much has happened in both of our lives and yet our conversation mostly revolved around the present. the now. the adventures we are currently embarking on, the goals we are striving towards, the ideas about what we want to offer the world. in between climbing mount hollywood, eating vietnamese noodle salad and drinking excellent coffee we had really great conversation and this morning i woke up feeling so thankful to have strong, fearless, female co-conspirators in the world who i align with creatively and share a common bond of purpose. you know who you are. and i salute you. and i also want to gather you all together in one awesome lodge in the middle of the giant redwood forrest and have a retreat. hippie style.

it will happen. mark my words.


my friend’s little boy is SO freaking happy in the sun. he’s my hero today. and he’s a great reminder to find your patch of sun. maybe it’s not a patch of sun for you though. maybe it’s listening to radiohead in an ambiently lit room with your best friend by your side holding hands. maybe it is on the beach at dawn watching the waves do their thing while you sip 4 espresso shots worth of coffee. maybe it is being cozy on a couch with a blanket and the book you’ve always wanted the time to read. maybe it’s saying prayers with your 3 year old as you’re tucking them into bed. whatever it looks like, i think there is such power in finding what makes you happy and creating the space in your life to do it. this little guy can be your hero too.

Mar 11
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woo hoo wednesday.

dum da da dahhhhh. (that’s an exciting drum roll in text in case you were wondering)…the winner of focus: found face book is comment #17: jennifer!

i must say, you guys all sent in some very awesome ‘faces’. here are a few of my favorites:

photo of the smiley train by amber ibarra.

winking drain found in paris by gisou!

no idea what this is, but the i LOVE this face. spied by the talented raz grammer.

gadget charger face photo by maya mansour.

and then sally sent me this link to a feature about the French street artist, OaKoAk, who uses the things he spies in the streets as catalysts for his awesome art. his art creative approach much makes my DAY.

thank you to every.single.one.of.you that took the time to enter the giveaway.

next monday i have another very special feature/giveaway lined up! razi from razi wilson photography will be giving away an amazing photography package on my blog. razi’s photographs are mega.awesome.joyful.wow. i’m SO excited to share more about her, and her work, with you on monday!

razi wilson photography

Mar 11
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it seems i’ve jumped on several bandwagons lately. here’s a run down of just 5 of them. actually, before i start, i’m really not sure that i’m using the term ‘bandwagon’ correctly. in my head it means the stuff i’m liking/doing/drawn to that it seems the masses are also liking/doing/drawn to.

does that have anything to do with bandwagons? maybe not but here goes:

1. the geometric bandwagon.

everything i wear / buy / covet / admire is geometric in some way. i don’t want ambivalency in form and design. i want lines. i like structure. i want blocks of color. i like the way that one line ends and another begins.

earrings spied here.

2. frozen yogurt

i’ve long been a fan of yogurt. making it colder, a bit sweeter and adding mango/kiwi/berries and toasted almonds to it makes it perfection. i have yet to find a frozen yogurterie in LA (i know there’s no such word. but there should be), that doesn’t use corn syrup. but i put aside my staunch stance on the evils of corn syrup to occasionally eat giant bowls of frozen yogurt. it’s just that good.

when dev’s mum came to visit she made ‘orange pops’. this was a treat that devon remembers her making when he was a kid so when he told me about how amazing they are and how they are tart and sweet and refreshing and zingy, i internally rolled my eyes thinking this was just the nostalgia effect. like the same way i get when i talk about fraggle rock.

i’m not sure of the portions but basically the recipe is:

100% orange juice
plain full cream yogurt
vanilla essence

you combine all of this and then put the mix into tiny cups (like the ones you get at the dentist to rinse out your mouth), add a popsicle stick and freeze for a few hours. and LO AND BEHOLD, they are SO good. like seriously amazingly devon-was-right-great.

3. apple products

i jumped on this bandwagon over six years ago with my first macbook, and now i’m on my 3rd. everything apple makes, i want. even the stuff i have no idea how to use. i still don’t understand what our apple tv does, but when i see the little black perfectly contoured block sitting next to the tv, i feel better about life.

i even love the packaging of their products. there is something so satisfying about opening up the box, and seeing your gadget all shiny and new and ready for action. this video makes SO much sense to me (please don’t watch with tender ears in proximity).

4. not using my phone as a phone

this is a bit of a spinoff from number 3 on my list, but i realized the other day that i hardly ever use my phone to actually make calls. i use it for snapping photos, checking my email, playing words with frenemies friends, seeing what the weather is like in spain just in case we decide to spontaneously go for the weekend, etc. but calls? no. actually, if my phone rings i get confused, and my first thought is did i set an alarm? is this a siren? what is going on?!

i sort of miss phone calls. i guess having a service (ahem. at&t) that drops every.other.call also takes some of the fun out of calls. it’s just awkward to pick up a conversation when it’s been halted mid call. it’s like re-telling the punch line of a joke when the person didn’t hear you. the magic is vaporized. there’s no reclaiming that moment. also the ‘can you hear me now’ dance is also a buzz kill. so i guess in conclusion i blame bad cell phone reception for this bandwagon.

remember land lines? remember phones that you couldn’t walk around the room/drive a car with? i remember having  marathon conversations with Q where i’d lie on my bed with my legs up against the wall and we’d talk. for six hours (!) these days we text each other via words with friends. oh the perils of being just like the Jetsons.

5. day hikes

i’ve always loved walking. but lately i’ve been enamored with little hikes. i’m not talking rugged wool socks and hiking boots hiking. i haven’t yet invested in a camelpack and probably won’t. i just mean gentle slopes where there are trees and foliage and dirt. and vast skies. and of all the places in the world to have started enjoying this flirtation with nature i’ve found it in LA. #ohtheirony

ok. your turn. i’d love to hear about the bandwagons you’ve jumped on lately!

Mar 11

monday fun day giveaway day.

some people can fold fitted bed sheets, and others can play the piccolo. i can’t do either of these things, but one of my skills is to constantly see ‘faces’ in everyday objects. i even started a tumblr devoted to them and now i also receive images from friends who know i’m a weirdo. one of my all-time favorite creative challenges on SoulPancake also revolved around this theme.

[sidenote: one day i’d love to create a web site for kids that explores/explains different emotions but uses images of object’s ‘faces’, rather than human ones. just add this to the overflowing bucket of all the things golriz wants to do when she grows up. thanks.]

so, when beth sweet, an editor at lark crafts and a reader of my blog (hi, beth!) reached out to me i was delighted to be able to host a giveaway for the recently published book: Focus: Found Faces. this beautiful matte hard cover book is a collection of ‘faces’ that over 90 photographers from 26  countries, have spied.

the photographs are really incredible and i find it so inspiring to see how people see something ‘more’ in ordinary objects. if you need a gift for the creative man/woman/child that has it all – this is definitely a book worth considering.

here’s one of my favorite spreads from the book:

in order to enter the giveaway please leave a comment on this post with a link to a photo you’ve taken of a unconventional ‘face’ you’ve spied, or a link to a object-with-a-face photo you’ve seen somewhere on the internets. the winner will be chosen using the mighty randomizer on wednesday 23rd, 12.pm PST. please also share this giveaway with people you know that are also face-finders.

my blog visitors seem to be some of the most creative people on the earth, so i’m already very excited already to see your submissions!

happy face finding!

Mar 11
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you’ve probably already seen this.

it’s been doing the virtual circuit for a while and no, i’m not talking about the terrifying honey badger (don’t watch this within earshot of your boss, child, grandma), which is also AMAZING, but rather this ad by dulux paint that features the ‘color your world’ initiative.

it is awesome and then some. complete with jonsi as the soundtrack!

Mar 11
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Mar 11

missing: our future child

let me just start out by stating for the record: i’m not pregnant. see, i even underlined it for clarity.

with that being said, i’ve realized that i’ve become one of *those* people.

by that i mean: i’m staring far too long at photos and videos of my friend’s little ones. i stall in the kid’s aisles at stores. and i dream of collecting tiny baby sized high-tops. and then i spy befuddled young dads with their daughters with ringlet halos, trying to do their best not to succumb to every batty-eyelashed request and let’s be honest, my ovaries start breaking it down on the dance floor like they are at a party and the dj is playing a tribute to the madonna’s greatest hits.

yes, folks that’s nostalgic dance party music for me. not keisha. or kesha or k’sha. sigh. forgive me, i’m a true child of the 80s.

i am enamored with children. and babies. and even their sleep-deprived-how-on-earth-am-i-fit-for-this-new-parents. i am in awe of the responsibility of nurturing a little being. not just keeping him/her warm and safe and fed and loved. but the task of instilling in them a sense of inherent nobility and wonder. a brilliant light and radiance and sparkle that nothing on earth could ever squash. a love for their Creator (big ‘C’ meaning not me or their papa). i want to hold chubby little hands where dimples take up the space reserved for knuckles and embark on family road-trips where we sing songs that we co-wrote on the spot.

and it’s so amazing to look into the eyes of the man i love and know this is a completely shared dream. and as we move about this earth and forge ahead with our exciting projects we will one day make one of the biggest decisions together and begin the next giant chapter of our lives. and i am so grateful to have had the opportunity for the adventures, accomplishments and growth that had to happen to get to this place.

spellbound by this image, found here.

Mar 11

it was all yellowy.

glauco lima, one of the awesome graphic designers we featured in the SoulPancake book sent me his birthday wish list. it’s an awesomely creative way to request the things he actually wants/needs. click this to see the collection in a larger size.

i also found this great diagram below on glauco’s blog and am sharing it with ash in mind. (rainbow sprinkles please).

originally found here: www.allenhemberger.com


my love for the sun has also inspired a recent attraction obsession with the color yellow. it all began with this image by shaadee of an outfit that i’m determined to over-utilize summer.

and then i got all crazy and made an etsy treasury of all things yellow. within the treasury you’ll spy one of my friend leili’s gorgeous necklaces.


i live in LA so i imagine that when people from the actually cold parts of the country read this (hi mar!) they’ll want to pelt me with their snow boots, but we are going to san fran this weekend so i’m ordering the universe to bring on the sunshine. the current weather forecast calls for rain. the entire time. typical san francisco weather living up to its bad rap. don’t get me wrong, i also love the rain (especially now that i live in a city that rarely has an acid rainfall downpour), but i am not a big fan of cold rainy days when i want to be gallivanting around outside with cameras that can’t get wet. but whatever, it’s san francisco. i’ll embrace its cold clammy hands and skip on its streets.

happy friday everyone!

Mar 11

remembering that i used to read.

lately i’ve been mourning the fact that i no longer read. sure, i read emails and chats, and text messages – although lately those are more about deciphering emoticons. i read menus, 140 character tweets, and optimistic, though grammatically flawed, fortune cookie messages. i read some blogs but many of those are just one-liners with a bunch of images. so the point is, i read very few actual words. i don’t get lost in reading. and i guess that’s what i miss the most.

so today i actually made a point of reading something and i’m so glad i did. and now i want to share it with you. it will take 2 minutes and i promise to reward you with imagery when it’s done so you don’t feel like you had to work too hard. just kidding! wow touché, internet.

this essay that demetri martin wrote for the new yorker is a great example of why demetri (i like to think we’re on a first name basis since i’ve watched him on netflix many a time) is one of my all time favorite people in the world. in the essay dem (too short? too soon?) answers the question “who am i”.

Who am I? That is a simple question, yet it is one without a simple answer. I am many things—and I am one thing. But I am not a thing that is just lying around somewhere, like a pen, or a toaster, or a housewife. That is for sure. I am much more than that. I am a living, breathing thing, a thing that can draw with a pen and toast with a toaster and chat with a housewife, who is sitting on a couch eating toast. And still, I am much more.

I am a man.

And I am a former baby and a future skeleton, and I am a distant future pile of dust. I am also a Gemini, who is on the cusp.

I am “brother” and I am “son” and I am “father” (but just according to one person, who does not have any proof but still won’t seem to let it go). Either way, I am moving very soon and not letting her know about it. I am asking you to keep that between us.

I am trustworthy and loyal, but at the same time I am no Boy Scout. No, I am certainly not. I am quite the opposite, in fact. And by opposite I do not mean Girl Scout. No. I mean Man Scout. And by that I do not mean Scout Leader. In fact, I am not affiliated with the Scouts at all. Let’s just forget about the Scouts and Scouting altogether, O.K.?

I am concepts and thoughts and feelings and outfits. And I am each of these all at once, unless I am in the shower. Then I am not outfits, because that would be uncomfortable.

To some I am known as Chief. And these are usually people who work in Radio Shack or try to sell me shoes. To others I am known as Buddy. These are people who dwell in bars and wonder if I’ve got a problem or what it is that I am “looking at.” And to still others, who are in that same bar, standing just off to the side, I am “Get Him!”

I am he and I am him. I am this and I am that. And I am, from time to time, Roberta, if I am in a chat room.

People have known me by many titles. In high school, I was Student and Key Club Vice-President and Queer Bait. In college, I was Pledge and then Disappointed and then Transfer Student. I am still amazed at how picky certain so-called “brotherly” organizations can be. And I am actually glad that they didn’t choose me for their stupid fraternity.

To some I am fantasy, and to others I am Frank, mostly because I have told them that this is my name—even though it is not even close to my name. I am a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a pita. Why the pita? That counts as another mystery.

I am everything and I am nothing. I am just kidding; I am not everything and nothing. That would be ridiculous. I am just everything.

I am what I eat. And I am this especially when I bite my nails.

I have been called Hey, You! and Get Out of the Way! and Look Out! And then, some time later, Plaintiff.

I am my own worst critic. I am going to give you an example. “That’s not me enough” is the kind of thing I am prone to say about myself. See what I mean? I am sure you do.

I am the silent majority.

I am a loud minority.

I am not talking about Puerto Ricans when I say that, because I am not a racist. I am just clearing that up. In fact, I am pretty sure I have at least one friend from each of the races (Hi, Guillermo).

I am friend. I am foe. I am fo’ sho’. What up, y’all?

I am sorry about that. I was just talking to one of my race friends, a black one. I am white and I am black. And I am both of these when I am dressed as a mime. And then I am sh-h-h.

I am Batman, but only on Halloween. And then I am not invited to many parties. But I am fine with that, because that just makes me an even more accurate Batman (because Batman does not go to parties as Batman but only as Bruce Wayne). I am right about this.

I am someone who likes to go to the park. But I am not the guy with the Labrador retriever and the tennis ball and the tattered book under his arm, who is wearing fleece and is kind of tan. No. I am not that guy. I am sick of that guy and all the women who talk to him.

I am the Walrus, but not the one you’re probably thinking of. I am the Other Walrus, the one who is less the Walrus in the sense of legendary music and more the Walrus in the sense of his tendency to lie around on a beach for too long.

I am bravery. I am courage. I am valor. I am daring. I am holding a thesaurus.

I am the sun. I am the moon. I am the rain, I am the earth. I am these when I am taking mushrooms with Kevin. I am good friends with Kevin. I am not sure what Kevin’s last name is.

I am sometimes referred to as Excuse Me in an annoyed tone of voice, because apparently I am in the way. I am so sorry. I am supposed to be some sort of mind reader, I guess. I am moving out of the way now as slowly as I possibly can. I am doing this and there’s nothing you can do about it.

I am often the one they call You but I am no more You than you. I am me. And I am more Me than you are or can ever be. And one time I was Corey for almost five minutes while I was talking with a stranger, until she realized that I was not her friend Corey.

I am neither here nor there, but there—a little to the left. Yeah. That’s me.

I am waving at you. I am waving right at you now.

I am looking right at you.

I am sensing that you don’t know me. I am starting to feel awkward.

I am getting out of here. ♦

this makes me want to write my own ‘who am i’ essay. it also makes me want to challenge some of my favorite writers to write their versions. Q, i’m looking at you. directly. i know you’re studying but i’m still going to ask.
while i’m waiting on Q’s essay, i’d love it if the rest of you could send me recommendations of the next book i should read.
now a dose of imagery as promised. today’s theme: holga meets stripes!
photo credit: richard partridge
photo credit: lower darnley
photo credit: monica forss
i finally finished a roll of medium format film and i’m pretty happy with the results. here’s one of my favorites from the batch (i like the hues of blue purple meeting the green hills in the background):
Mar 11

and the winner is…

ok before i announce the winner, can i just say how impressed, inspired, and happy i was to get all of your comments and suggestions for artists for SoulPancake to feature. i checked out all of your recommendations and will definitely be keeping them in mind for the next SoulPancake projectorama. please feel free to send me more suggestions any time!

thanks to the randomizer (tangent: doesn’t that sound like it should be a space capsule slash time machine contraption with glowing buttons and dials? well prepare to be disappointed. but it does the job) anyway…the winner of the SoulPancake book is commenter #11: lydia russo!

also, i’ve received more interest from people who would like me to host a giveaway on my blog, so it looks like i will be doing one a week!

i’m actually already getting excited about next week’s giveaway because you will have the opportunity to win the newly published book: Focus: Found Faces: Your World, Your Images . as you might have figured out it’s an entire book of photos of faces found in unusual places and objects. for those of you that are regular readers of this blog you know that the theme of this book is one of my favorite things in life.

so, if you want to be ready to enter this giveaway, here’s the scoop: i’m going to ask that submissions include a link to a photo taken of a face found in an object. yep, i’m really making you work for it this time. the winner will be picked using the mighty randomizer again but i will be posting some of my favorite submissions on my blog. so start spying for faces. they are everywhere. even on the end of usb cords.

Mar 11
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beauty at arm’s reach.

my friend pascale has a post on SoulPancake today about trying to find moments of beauty amidst the devastating earthquake that happened in christchurch, new zealand a few weeks ago. pascale’s family home was destroyed along with most of her possessions. instead of being mired down by the whole overwhelming situation and the significant loss, pascale writes about how grateful she is for the small, simple treats – a hot cup of tea and a warm shower. in this post, she asks the SoulPancake community to share snapshoots of beauty they found at arm’s reach.

finding beauty at arm’s reach is all too easy sitting in front of my screen with my favorite blogs bookmarked (i know this isn’t exactly what pascale had in mind!), but here are some beautiful things i’ve spied recently.

found here.

credit: christopher jonassen)

seen here.

credit: where-the-stars-sleep

spotted here.

P.S. don’t forget to enter the giveaway for the SoulPancake book by leaving a comment in the post below!

Mar 11

overly accesible dot com. and the first ever cozyhunter giveaway!

i needed to write a bio statement today for a site that i’m going to be joining as a contributing writer/photographer and after many attempts, drafts, and efforts to be witty in bite-sized, tasty morsels. i realized two things:

1. i really don’t like writing bios.
2. this sums me up:

i tweet. i tumblr. i flickr. i VYou. i pinterest. i blog. i work for SoulPancake.

actually, i just realized a third thing:

3. my bio sounds like i spend too much time in cyberspace. uh oh.


in other news, i’ve decided to do something never-done-before on my blog: launch a giveaway!

in recent weeks, i’ve been approached by a few musicians, authors and artists who have very sweetly asked if they could use my blog as a platform to promote their work and/or host giveaways. i was hesitant at first, but the more i thought about it, the more i realized that i really enjoy using my blog as a space to promote creative ventures, and if doing this prompts me to share even more awesomely creative and talented people (and their products) with the world, then that’s a win/win.

i plan on starting with sporadic giveaways and perhaps building up to a consistent giveaway once-a-week. so, to kick off the party, i’m going to give away something that all of you regular visitors to my blog have heard a lot about, and something that i had a little hand in creating – the SoulPancake book.

here are some spreads from the insides:

AND i’m going to make it easy peasy to win a copy. simply leave a comment on this post telling me about an artist you think we should consider featuring in SoulPancke’s next book. on wednesday at 12pm PST, i’ll select a commenter at random and he/she will be mailed a copy of the SoulPancake book.

on your marks, get set, go. :)

ps. if you’d like me to consider hosting a giveaway for one of your creations please email me at:
golrizlucina (at) gmail.com

Mar 11
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it was hard to sleep last night. along with the rest of the waking world, we watched the tragic aftermath of the earthquake that hit japan. and once you try to wrap your head around the fact that the horror you’re watching is someone’s reality…that lives are being lost as you sit there cozy in your living room, it’s hard to simply ‘turn off’ the TV and just go to bed.

this morning my heart goes out to japan. and families who are searching for, or who have lost their loved ones.

these family portraits by max wagner make my heart skip 10 beats in a row and i ardently hope you are lucky enough to hold your family close and safe today.

Mar 11
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cut it out

lately i’ve always kept a pair of scissors handy for cutting up my clothes. many of dev’s old t-shirts have succumbed to my ‘i’m just going to cut you in half and wear you with pride’ antics.

sidenote: i will never forget the time my mum bought my little sister a pair of black skinny jeans and my sister went into her bedroom, and came out having cut slices out of them from thigh to ankle.


anyway, let these outfits inspire you to cut away.

Mar 11

pet pods and womb rooms.

i really want a dog. but you know the drill, our landlord has made it explicitly clear: no pets, no plants, no heels. (insert eye roll).

so for now i just admire other people’s pets, and plants, and when i wear heels – i tiptoe.

today i spied these pods for pets and my brain did cartwheels because of how beautifully FORM meets FUNCTION. so minimal, and oh so cozy.

i am sure if they made human sized pods, dev would demand we got one as a bed. it’s like a womb room.

WHICH REMINDS ME – have i ever told you about my experience in a womb room? no, i don’t mean the actual womb. i am not one of those… people (note how i purposefully didn’t insert an adjective like say ‘crazy’ or ‘wacko’ because i don’t want to ruffle anyone’s womb memory feathers) that remembers things like that. i honestly can’t remember what i had for dinner last night, so the likelihood of remembering my days pre-birth is about as likely as lady gaga deciding not to make a spectacle of herself at an awards show. i.e. not.going.to.happen.

where was i? OH so a few years ago my friend bita asked me to the producer on her documentary film and together with two other intrepid adventurers we went to pakistan and india for what felt like a year, but was actually only a 7 weeks. being renegade filmmakers in those countries was hard, dirty, challenging, and dangerous but above all of that, it was incredible and such an eye-opening experience for me. everyone needs an arsenal of those experiences to pull out when your future child tells you they want to get a lip ring and you are trying to prove that once you too, were wild, young and crazy and didn’t consider CONSEQUENCES.

anyway, after several weeks of constantly having a layer of india on our skin from our daily wayfaring in rickshaws, we were craving cleanliness. we needed hot showers and we dreamed of soap. so we did what any self-respecting amateur filmmakers with no budget would do, we cast off our Salwar Kameej and
dressed up in our finest jeans complete with tank tops and over-sized sunglasses and convinced a 5 star spa in delhi that we were filmmakers from the states doing a series on the hottest spa’s in the world. we might have even dropped in the reference MTV. was this a lie? yes. am i proud of lying? no. did i care at the time? NO. that’s what desperation does to you kids. take note.

so the spa went over and beyond to show us a good time. they gave bita, the ‘host’ of the show, all these luxurious treatments and allowed ‘the crew’ (us) to spend a day in their glorious pool. it was heavenly.

and this is the place where i get to the point of my story – one of the special treatments was an hour in the womb room. this room was a dimly lit, red, cavernous room. i am pretty sure the walls were tufted red velvet and the ceiling shaped like a dome. in the middle of the room was a pod – much like the pet pods above, or if you’re feeling morbid – a coffin. supposedly one hour of sleep in the womb room has the same health and restorative benefits as 24 hours of sleep. why? because it emulates the womb.

in conclusion, i need a womb room. i think we all do.

Mar 11

remember this game?

i used to love the ‘draw something, fold it over, pass it on, draw something else’ game. did it ever have an actual name? i’m not sure.

anyway, the ‘campaign for drawing’ initiative has turned this game it into an online web gadget. i’m definitely going to use this as inspiration for a SoulPancake creative challenge.

here’s a rather awesome one i found in the gallery.

i also love the mission of the campaign for drawing project:

“Its long-term ambition is to change the way drawing is perceived by educationalists and the public. This has won support from leading practitioners in the creative industries and in art, architecture and design colleges, signalling an overdue realisation that drawing is fundamental to the training of students in these disciplines. The Campaign takes a wider view. It sees drawing as a basic human skill useful in all walks of life.

The Campaign’s work will finish when the words ‘I can’t draw’ are dropped from our vocabulary.”

i then sent my friend ryan the challenge and together we created this magic.


in other web gadget news, this little tool created by The Times tells gives you a score on your vocabulary based on your twitter feed. i think i did ok. i want to follow the nerds that made it into the top ten.

Mar 11

make out monday.

disclaimer: this post has nothing at all to do with making out. i just like alliteration. apologies in advance for the disappointment.


the only thing that can vie for my attention like a tree house is a cloud house (!)

designer: dietrch wegner


kelly framel makes me want to cut off all my hair.


i love this series of paintings by matt hunsberger of synths he’s owned.


i’m not sure what i want more – the turqoise walls, the white accents in the room, the cozy gold wool shawl wrap, the print shirt, the yellow braided belt, or the fancy eyeliner application.

this is a lovely keiko lynn combo.


dev and i spent sunday in the sun on our beach cruisers. here’s the thing, beach cruisers are not just called beach cruisers for the heck of it. they actually only make sense to ride around on a flat beach bike path. trying to ride our bikes up even the slightest incline felt as implausible as riding a stationary exercise to move from A to B…i kept pedaling but not really going anywhere. which meant that most of the time we ‘walked’ our bikes as other savvy cyclists whooshed past us, the sun bouncing off their lycra and reminding us that we are such amateurs.

ALSO our bikes don’t have brakes that you can control with your hands – you have to actually pedal backwards to stop. but the first step to pedaling backwards is actually reaching the pedals – and even though we’ve put my seat down as low as it can go on the bike, my feet barely graze the pedals. but i wasn’t going to be deterred by this little hiccup. and so we hit the streets and i nearly died. twice. one time i couldn’t stop fast enough at an intersection and nearly hit a car. and the second time i was riding along the pavement and swerving to get out of the way of a tree and propelled myself instead into the wall instead. but we were outside (!) in the sun (!) and so i wasn’t about to let near death and a giant bruise dampen my exhilarated mood.

Mar 11

paintings for satellites.

not only would ‘paintings for satellites’ be a pretty band name, but it’s what artist molly dilworth actually.does. she creates large scale mosaic paintings on the roofs of buildings. her audience? the Google Earth satellite.

so clever and creative!

Mar 11
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busy is better than bored.

i’m never bored anymore. i’ve either lost the ability, or there simply is no time to be bored. it might a mix of both scenarios. i feel like our lives are on some rocketship trajectory that doesn’t leave room to just stare vacantly and be idle. whenever there is a spare moment there is something to do. this doesn’t mean i am not enjoying the journey, it just means that sometimes i’m left breathless by the speed of it all. how is it nearly ONE year since i married my best friend?! how is my friend’s once-upon-a-time-baby now TALKING in complete sentences? where did winter go? i didn’t even get a chance to wear my faux fur EAR cozies. geez.

but i’m not complaining about it. no sir. i am happy. i love the momentum and the adventure and i’ll admit, a tiny part of me loves the HOW-AM-I-GOING-TO-RISE-TO-THAT-CHALLENGE?! part of our day-to-day. even if it means premature gray hairs debuting their existence.

and today is one of those days where i want to share with you, my world wide web mates, some very exciting opportunities related to SoulPancake land, but i can’t. because things are not yet 100% official and also because i have used up my quota of all caps and exclamation marks in this post already. but soon i shall disclose and then we will all party like it’s 1999 (as opposed to the year 2000 when we all experienced the disappointment of Y2K being as harmless as our grandmothers).

in other news, i love dawn and dusk. both of these times of the day are magical in their own way. there is a silence at dawn that is so precious, espeically in a noisy city like LA. i love feeling like my community is all slowly waking up around me as the night slinks away. and oh sweet dusk, i can’t get enough of it. there is a golden light that blankets everything and makes it look better.

here’s a dawn and a dusk i captured on film a couple of months ago:


a couple of exciting things happened around these cyberspaces in the past two days.

1. my photos were featured on nylon’s blog. i sent them in on a whim and was very excited to see them posted amidst all the other nylon goodness.

2. etsy showcased our wedding again on this week’s etsy wedding’s newsletter!

3. i was introduced to benjamin evan’s awesome photography, which has inspired me to do a shoot solely based on brightly colored buildings/walls. silverlake has an abundance of these.

Mar 11
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la meets jr

in case you haven’t been following the word on the street about street art, JR is a 27-year-old Parisian artist & activist, whose creative journey began when he found a camera in his teens and then began using the world as a canvas for his amazing portraits.  JR’s goal is that his art gives people who usually go unheard with a ‘voice’ of sorts. bringing them into sharp focus and highlighting their existence literally on the actual locations where they live. it’s powerful stuff – especially when you see large ‘eyes’ looking back at you from slums and faces of children plastered over rubble.. i had raved about JR on my blog back in october, and now he’s at it again, and this time it’s in my neighborhood!

below is the portrait he recently installed on the side of the building on glendale blvd.

(photos by shannon cottrell)

JR was recently awarded the TED prize, and today he is sharing his one wish with the world. you can view JR live at 5pm PST right here.

i’ll definitely be watching!

Mar 11

hello tuesday.

i’ve got a lot to post about today so i’m going to use LIST form. because let’s face it, everything is better in list form. everything is also better when encased in batter. but that’s another blog post.

so let’s begin.


once upon a time i sent out a tweet that said something along the lines of ‘no one cares about the dream you had. especially me’. what i meant was that sometimes the dream re-telling process can be a bit tedious for the unprepared listener. especially if the dream is all over the place and obtuse and boring. on those occasion you not only have a confused dream-experiencer, but also me, the confused dream-hearer.

i got a LOT of backlash for that tweet. people quoted me lines from MLK’s ‘i have a dream’ and told me that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit and does not become my usually sunny disposition. i also had people give me virtual cyber-space high-fives for saying something they’ve often thought but never said out loud. because they are obviously much nicer people than i am.

so in a blatantly hypocritical manner i’m now going to tell you about a dream i keep having. basically this recurring dream is me as a student at my high-school in timaru, new zealand. i’m anxiously walking around the corridors trying to find my class – the only problem is that i don’t know what class i need to be in, because i’ve missed SO much of this one particular class. i don’t even know where the classroom is, and i don’t have the right text books and i’m convinced there is an exam that i’m entirely unprepared for. i can never quite figure what class it is – it feels like math, but it might be french. all i know is that i’m anxiety-ridden because i know there is NO way i’m going to pass the test that i have that day. i’ve probably had this dream about 7 times. and waking up from these dreams is a trip because sweet relief floods my senses and my brain screams I’M NOT IN HIGH-SCHOOL ANYMORE! WAHOOOO!

this morning as dev and i woke up and discussed with bleary eyes our plans for the day, he told me about this dream he had (yes, i care about my spouse’s dreams – i do have a heart). it was pretty much word-for-word what i just recounted above. he has the EXACT same recurring dream as me, and i’d never told him about mine. so what is that about dream experts out there?!


ash told me about this awesome initiative last week and i can’t stop thinking about it. creativity meets connectivity meets generosity meets souls. that is 100% the kind of thing that i want to jump up and down with excitement about.

this project enabled several homeless people to have prepaid cell phones to tweet their lives. one gentleman posted a photo and his phone number in hopes of finding his daughter who he hadn’t seen in 11 years and she called the next day!

so amazing and inspiring!


tomorrow i begin the baha’i fast. for 19 days baha’i’s all over the world abstain from food/drink from sunrise to sunset. many other faith traditions also have a period of fasting, and in my experience, it acts as a wonderful reminder that i am more than my body – there is something more eternal, infinite and precious that exists within me. i call it a soul. you might call it creative energy, light, aliveness, your core, your spirit…whatever. that’s all semantics. if you have ever felt something more – that’s the ‘something’ that i believe we’re here to cultivate, grow and foster. i’ve always found that the fast presents an incredible opportunity to clear out anything that isn’t facilitating my happiness or is holding me back from my inherent nobility.

for the past couple of years i have been documenting my sunrises and sunsets in photograph form for an initiative called ‘nineteen days‘ (the images above on the left are by the super talented shirin sahba, mine are on the right). today i received an invitation to join the editorial team of another project – nineteen months – as a writer & photographer. i’m so excited to collaborate with these other creative minds and be a part of this team!


i’ve been collecting diy art projects in a folder on my desktop for the day i will create art with my future kids. i’m giddily excited about the prospect. here are a few very simple, but nevertheless awesome, ideas:

envelope houses and neighborhoods!

re-purposed globe with chalkboard paint:

and because i can’t get enough of the clouds outside: inside clouds!

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