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// she's only happy in the sun.
May 11

stupidity does not become you.

so, as an update to the planking post i feel it is important to mention that JUST because you are conforming your body into the shape/contour of a plank, it doesn’t actually turn you into a plank. you are still a fragile, beautiful, unique, snowflake. if you hit the ground from a great height, you will break bones and maybe worse, die.

in case you need a visual tutorial, planks like this one below = you might die:

sidenote: planks involving unharmed animals bring me immense joy:

and this is one of my favorites for sure:


May 11

bouncing & planking

our belated/early birthday bouncing extravaganza was a big success. it was so awesome to spend the evening with a bunch of our friends who showed up with only one day’s notice to celebrate with us. our group of about 20 people rented a private trampoline court and spent two hours in fierce back-to-back dodge ball games, followed by fearless flips into the foam pit, all washed down with these incredible cupcakes made by sweet raz.

and today my legs ache and my back hurts, which means i must be getting old. alas.

it could also be due to some pretty serious planking shenanigans. i only found out about “planking” a week ago when i watched this australian news report about it. but you know me, i am a sucker for ridiculous photography fads, so this activity has taken over my life for the past 24 hours. the gist of planking is as stupidly simple as it sounds. you lay, like a PLANK, on an object and take a photo.

the first planker of the evening was ashley paige herself. here she is planking on a neon pod of some sort that we found in the ‘ravers’ corner of sky high. she has most excellent planking form.

the second of our group to join the plank-apocalypse was justin-i-can-bench-press-a-bulldozer-baldoni. here’s his restaurant plank. surprisingly, we did not get kicked out of the fine establishment. i think the staff were just really confused about what was going on.

i took things to the next level, by climbing onto a wall and planking in a plant holder. the cement holder wasn’t actually attached to the wall  so getting into it was a bit tricky as i was scared it would tip, but the line between danger and fun was blurry, so i went for it. i blame this lapse of sensibility on what happens to your mind when you jump for 2 hours straight and then eat so many nachos that when you close your eyes you see corn chips floating in space. kids, don’t try this at home. any of this. learn from your elders.

the fun continued today – and by that i mean, i’d see an object and tell collin to plank it. and he would try and usually succeed.

and then i would worry that he was going to dislocate his shoulder AGAIN. and nikki gundry would not be impressed.

but no shoulders were harmed. just things like trees, and benches and poles. and then i rounded it off with a grocery cart plank.


May 11

partners. in crime.

dusk vespa rides with dev are one of my favorite things. the kid in me revels in these moments because i don’t have to do anything but hold on and it’s honestly the closest feeling i’ve had to flying. obviously i haven’t done nearly enough drugs. i remember the first ride i went on with dev through the streets of hollywood late one friday night. i remember being awkward about where i was going to put my hands as it was early days for us yet. now we have dorky matching helmets and we don’t really care that our vespa isn’t ironic enough for the local hipsters who ride vintage honda’s that they’ve stripped and restored. we often go to trader joes and forget that we’re on the bike and come out with 7 bags that we have to balance precariously as we carefully make our way home. any and all coolness points you get for riding a vespa are lost the second you have to balance a 12 pack of toilet paper under one arm, and laundry detergent in the other.

one time we (and by we, i mean devon) did an illegal u-turn and we heard the quick blip of a police siren behind us. we knew we were about to receive a pretty hefty fine and without any consultation dev took off down a side street. he zigzagged through back alleys and narrow streets for a few minutes as we heard the siren trail behind us. suddenly dev pulled over to the side of the road and demanded i take off my jacket. being a naive, new zealander with no criminal street smarts, i had no idea what he meant by this. i wasn’t hot. this wasn’t a moment to de-robe as far as i could tell, so i started to argue. to which dev responds: IT’S SO WE LOOK DIFFERENT! so we crammed all our outer-layer “signifiers” into the seat and nervously sped home. to this day, i don’t really know how dev had the presence of mind for this police-evading maneuver but i guess these are the skills you learn when you watch too many matt damon action-adventure movies.

however, i don’t recommend running from the law. we spent the next two days nervous that we’d come home and they’d be a slew of swot cars surrounding our vespa which is parked outside our apartment. and for a few nights whenever i’d hear helicopters circling above our neighborhood, i’d worry that the jig was up.

and this is why we can’t be professional criminals. we’re far too paranoid.

May 11
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bouncing birthday bash.

so we didn’t really do anything for devon’s birthday, and mine and collin’s (dev’s brother) are coming up. so in honor of so many birthday festivities we are going to have a joint birthday bash at this giant indoor trampoline park.

last time we were here it was for ash‘s birthday and the days following i had trouble walking. but this is the key i think, the older you get the more regressed the parties should get. it’s like grabbing your age by its shoulders and then punching it in the face.

next year we’re all going to mc d’s for happy meals. j/k.

May 11


1. happy birthday nikki!

it’s my mother-in-law’s birthday today and dev’s brother, collin, and his friend heather are staying with us, so we skype called her and sang to her. in pseudo costume of course.

of note is how i matched my headband to my instrument. i do what i can.

2. p90x.

so we didn’t quite manage our third date with tony horton yesterday. unfortunately dev’s right arm is in pain from over-exertion on day one and i could barely walk after trying to keep up with the one-legged man yesterday. so together we are a pair of sad p90x victims. we spent the day wallowing around in our misery. we sat in front of our computers and joked about doing the ‘abs and core’ dvd knowing full well we’d rather have someone squeeze fresh lemon juice into our eyes than endure more tony horton. we refused to get changed out of anything that didn’t have an elastic waistband and that evening told our friends about the atrocities we’d endured.

however, today is a new day. and so we will probably try another dvd from the p90x torture series.

it is funny how many people sent me messages defending tony horton and p90x. and don’t get me wrong, i’m so glad it works for some people and i’m thrilled that some of you have stockholm syndrome are totally charmed by mr. horton.

3. upcoming adventures

we just booked our internal flights in south-east asia. our plans include seeing these places in person. we may, or may not, come back:

bangkok, thailand:

angkor wat, cambodia:

sa pa, vietnam:

halong bay, vietnam:

phuket, thailand:

4. rob delaney

if you don’t follow him on twitter, you’re missing out. yes, he’s crass and over-the-top. but he’s also funny and humor trumps the other two. his article in vice magazine about becoming a dad is a good litmus test. if you think this is brilliant, then you should get more rob delaney in your life. if you’re insulted, then he’s not the guy for you.

5. i don’t really have something for item 5.

i just have a weird thing against lists that are even numbered. except lists of 10 or over.

May 11
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why make a fort, when you can make an elephant?

check out the rest of gneborg’s incredible art here.

May 11

and so it begins.

‘working out’ isn’t really a term that’s thrown about much (read: ever) in our little household. sure, i go to the occasional yoga class and a couple of times a week i’ll leave our place and just stroll for miles in no particular direction, or walk with ash around the reservoir. i generally enjoy being somewhat active. but dev, hmmm…not so much. and i’m not sure whether it’s the adventures we are about to embark on traversing southeast asia, or the fact that he just turned 30, but the other night devon decided he was going to ask some friends for advice about starting an exercise routine.

and since that decision was hurled into the universe devon’s happy little orbit has been thrown off its axis.

who do i blame? folks, i blame none other than tony horton, the man (and the muscles) behind the torture exercise craze that’s sweeping the nation: p90x.

(sidenote: i can’t really figure out what the 90 in p90x stands for, but my guess is it’s: ’90 excellent reasons to dislike tony horton’.)

so let’s go back to yesterday morning when we were greeted bright and early by our friends, justin and andy, at our doorstep sporting tank tops, and pull up bars, and looking all too excited about what was about to happen. while dev and i stumbled around our apartment bleary-eyed and foraging for caffeine, the guys rearranged the furniture and introduced us to the program. for those of you who have not yet been swept up in the p90x madness, there’s a whole science behind this program, complete with charts, studies, testimonials and bulging muscles aplenty to prove its worth. people that are committed to p90x seem to really like it. they talk about it all the time. they tweet about it. they probably kiss their bulging biceps and dream about tony horton, but the point is, there’s no middle ground here. i don’t think you can be indifferent to p90x. it’s like cilantro – you love it, or you hate it.

it was soon apparent that my sweet husband might be in the loathing camp when it comes to p90x. but for good reason – you guys, it’s hard. like really, really, makes-you-want-to-vomit, difficult. and obviously that’s why it produces results. but it’s no joke and tony horton is pretty obnoxious. but it was really sweet to watch andy and justin encouraging dev as he threatened to stop every two minutes. meanwhile, i stood on the sidelines, mocked mr horton, and tried to be encouraging. that is, until our landlord showed up at our door to tell us that our exercising would ‘wear down’ the hardwood floors. which is just another nail in the ‘our landlord is certifiably CRAZY’ coffin.

so that was day one of the program. andy even made a little chart for dev to track his progress and then promised to come back again today.

and sure enough, at 9am this morning andy bounces into our apartment and we push play on today’s DVD – pylometrics! which is basically just jumping and squatting and lunging and leaping for one hour straight. i decided to join in the fun today because, i actually don’t know. i guess it’s because i had lost my mind.

we start with the warm up and tony horton introduces the other people in the video that are exercising around him – he points to the guy to his right and goes ‘this is eric. he has a prosthetic leg’ and sure enough, the guy has only one real leg and one prosthetic. which meant that every single time i wanted to stop, lie on the floor, writhe in agony etc. i looked at eric. and eric looked back at me. eric the fearless one. eric who was leaping and lunging with a smile on his face. eric whose hair was bouncing up and down as he conquered p90x with only ONE actual leg. and there is no way you can just give up when the one-legged dude isn’t even breaking a sweat.

way to motivate me tony horton. i still hate you.

May 11

so many things on a monday

1. according to the powers of the mighty randomizer the winner of vivika’s lovely little dinosaur is commenter number #1: ashley. yay! thank you to all of you who entered this giveaway – the names you came up with were so awesome. if i was Oprah i would give you all dinosaurs. it would go something like this: you get a dinosaur! you get a dinsosaur! and so on. #anotherreasonineedtobeOprah

2. last week dev and i road-tripped up to sulky san francisco for a friend’s graduation – since it’s NEVER warm and sunny in SF i’ve decided that the city has a sulky temperament. i guess it’s more correct to say that i have a sulky temperament when the sun is not out. but i don’t care about correctness. what i care about is wearing sunshine yellow pants and not feeling like the odd one out amongst the throngs of northface jacket wearers.

3. number 2 is why my blogging was so sporadic last week. it was because i was away from my laptop having an actual life. it was a really fun escapade. except for the being.cold.all.the.time part.

4. here are some photos that sum up the trip and my painful wardrobe under-preparedness.

first: the berkley graduate. maxwell smarter-than-all-of-us alinikoff. he is the guy in the cap and gown. OH WAIT. he forgot to wear his cap and gown. yep, the only one out of hundreds of grads. but did he care? no siree. he sat in that auditorium like orlando bloom (to quote dev) and so he’s the guy whose shoulder dev is growing out of.

note my summer pants of impropriety.

here’s the graduate again looking suave. minutes later he unbuttoned his shirt and showed us all his striped tank. the boy has style.

after a family consultation about what he should do with his life the consensus was MARRY RICH.

here are dev and elizabeth. as in, my two soul mates. naturally, we couldn’t resist this. e gets extra points for her pelvic thrust and blue steel stare.

we tried to wear as many layers as possible to combat the cold.

we took pictures in front of brightly colored walls. of course.

and somehow we ended up in the seediest part of san fran. and nearly went into a peep show just to escape the bleak rain.

notice how elizabeth-from-seattle understands cold climes and thus has encased her head in fur. yet she is still cold – note the pained expression. screw you SF.

while we waited for the rest of the family, dev took over the world with his laptop. and elizabeth was suitably unimpressed.

then we ate a whole bunch of good food of which i didn’t take photos of because when food arrives i eat. and there isn’t even a pause long enough to take a photo.

and then we read books.

including one of the saddest, yet most interesting concepts for a books i’ve ever come across – a book describing colors to people who are sight-impaired. it was all in braille and every page was black, but the descriptions were beautiful.

our trip was a blast. there is so much to write about but i’m waiting for e to blog about it. because she has family immunity where she can write about her family antics without getting into much trouble. i on the other hand, want to remain on cindy’s (her mum’s) good side.

May 11

summer plans.

we’ve just bought our tickets for a three week escapade to southeast asia in june! we’ll be heading to thailand, cambodia and vietnam and a 38 hour layover in tokyo! we are going to be adventuring with dev’s younger brother collin, and his best friend alan. our merry team will be reveling in the sticky humidity and drinking coconut juice all day long. we will also be disconnected from our gadgets which will be so good for us, considering our laptops are usually extensions of our arms.

we’ve been scouring the interwebs for recommendations of things to do. places to see. foods to eat. festivities to attend. if you have any suggestions please let me know.


halong bay, vietnam

ho chi minh, vietnam

May 11
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happy birthday my love.

you are truly the brightest light i know. the most joyful, tender-hearted team mate i could ever have hoped for. you are a constant source of inspiration and love. you are brilliant and generous. noble and steadfast. my life is so sweet because i live every moment of it with you.

happy birthday my dearest.


May 11

vivikas giveaway!

there are some things i life that you don’t realize you need until you see them. plush plaid-bellied dinosaurs and little stealthy soft ninjas are two of those things. and that’s how i’d describe my experience in general with the adorable hand-stitched creatures available at vivikas etsy store.

first, meet the lovely vivian who is the owner and creative genius behind vivikas. here she is getting smothered by her creations:

a few months ago, vivian left me a comment on my blog which is how i was introduced to her etsy store. dev and i were smitten with her ninja creations and when i told her this, vivian generously sent us a little ninja of our own. we’ve named him ‘nori’ and he’s awesome.

i love using my blog as a platform to share artistry and creative enterprises so i was thrilled when vivian suggested i host a giveaway for one of her creations.

the prize is this fantastic little green dinosaur below – lovingly hand-stitched and made out of organic felt. entering the giveaway is super simple:

1. follow vivikas on twitter OR if your not a tweeter, please share the link to vivikas (http://www.etsy.com/shop/vivikas) on your facebook/blog/forehead.
2. come up with a name for this dinosaur.

easy peasy. leave the name you’ve come up with in the comments section of this post. a winner will be picked on friday!

here’s a bit more about vivian:

1. list 5 things Vivian is and 5 things Vivian isn’t:
I am happy
I am shy
I am self motivated
I am a big kid
I am engaged to a wonderful man

I’m not what you think
I’m not a driver
I’m not in bed early
I’m not a girlie girl
I’m not loud

2. what was your favorite toy when you were young?
I grew up in Brazil and I used to play with all kinds of dolls.  I didn’t just carry the doll around like it was my baby.  What I loved was to create a little world for them.  I used to make their clothes with scraps of fabric or knitting, I’d give them “haircuts” and color their blonde hair with markers.  The cutting hair part didn’t make my mom very happy, but from an early age I couldn’t contain my creativity.  I didn’t have a doll house, so I created rooms for my dolls inside of shoe boxes.  I remember playing for hours with my dolls.  Great memories.

3. what does your creative space look like?
My craft area is not that big so what I do is have little things I like around me.  My cute handmade pincushion, my mini collection of owls, my heart pins and other things surround me while I work.  Most of them are handmade items.  I like to keep my space organized otherwise my thoughts get messy and I can’t create.  I like bright colors.  My craft table is white, my walls are white and my curtains are aqua green.  That mix creates a good feeling inside my place when the sun shines thru it.

4. is there any kind of handcraft that you tried and failed at?
Jewelry making.  A while back I took classes and bought a bunch of tools of the craft.  I really never developed a talent for it.  My intention was to make something for my mom, my grandma, and some friends, but I don’t want people spitting at them on the streets.  Yes it’s that bad.

5. is it true that the creatures you make come to life at night? i swear i’ve heard nori the ninja stealthily creeping around our place.
I don’t think they would like for me to reveal such information. Oops!

May 11
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happy birthday dad.

i believe that you instilled in me:

my after-dinner earl gray tea ritual
the knack of walking really fast and covering a lot of ground
my self-confidence and my acute sense of justice
a passion for travel and fearless exploration
a streak of impatience (ok, maybe a bit more than a streak) :)
the appreciation of fine foods and great company
the importance of having good manners and taking care of your possessions
a begrudging appreciation of classical music
a great sense of humor
a splash of perfectionism and stubbornness
my ability to articulate my thoughts
a passion for photography

and most importantly:
the knowledge and love of God

i love you very much & i wish i could be there to celebrate your birthday with you!

May 11
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color me happy.

all images credited properly in my pinterest.

May 11

nuzzle nooks. and other awkward conversations i have to have with the guests.

so, next week my beloved beau, devon, turns 30. he’s very excited about this event. and i have yet to figure out why. but that’s the man i married. things that normal people cringe at, he sees the silver lining for. not only does he see the silver lining, he picks it up and lines his clothes with it. he hugs the silver lining. he EMBRACES it. for example, three gray hairs have infiltrated dev’s scruffy beard – and he loves them. no joke. he’s so excited about having more of them. he thinks it will make his beard all the more awesome. so there you go.

so in honor of dev’s big day, i thought i’d share two of the behind-the-scenes devon-antics that i get exposed to on the daily, but you, fine people of the internet, miss out on. are you ready for this? no, the answer is no. you’re not.

dev takes his showers very seriously. so seriously, that he refers to them as ‘tub time’. but he’s not in a tub, he’s in a shower. i know, it doesn’t make sense. it doesn’t need to make sense. tub time is where dev sits in the shower, angles the shower head to hit the wall he’s leaning on and just basks in a steaming waterfall of joy. there is also no rushing him when it comes to tub time, no matter how badly we’re pressed for time, he refuses to speed up the process. there are so many times when people will call for him, very busy and very important people, and i have to say ‘i’m sorry, dev’s in the shower’. and they respond incredulously, ‘still?!!?’.

because they, like i, can’t imagine WHAT is taking so long?! how is there even that much water available on the planet? the truth is, there isn’t. dear future waterless, arid planet, on behalf of my husband, i am really sorry.

i haven’t even mentioned the most integral component of tub time. the room has to be dark. not just dimly lit and ambient. i mean PITCH black. you think i’m kidding but the FOIL he places over the beautiful stained glass windows in our bathroom begs to differ. i finally put my foot down about the foil and he has now resorted to covering the windows with giant black trashbags. hi guest, feel free to use our bathroom – yeah, i know it looks like a kill room, but don’t let that unnerve you too much.

when asked about tub time, dev responds that this is the only chance his attention deficit mile-a-minute-mind gets to block out the world and that’s how he comes up with his best ideas. well, okay then.


dev has a thing for coziness. he often tells me that even though my blog is called ‘the cozyhunter’, he is the original cozy hunter. and you know what? it’s true. dev LIVES to be cozy. when we go on road trips he packs the car with blankets and pillows. even if we’re staying at a hotel. it’s irrelevant. he just needs cozy paraphernalia in the car. when we curl up on the couch to watch a movie, he lugs over every blanket in the house. it doesn’t matter if it’s 100 degrees. extreme.coziness.always.wins.

i think he might have finally taken it a bit too far however with his newly installed ‘nuzzle nook’.

the nuzzle nook (his words, not mine) is this space in our hallway where dev keeps placing a queen-sized memory foam mattress. the mattress is so wide that it curves up on the sides of the wall – so it looks like a hot dog bun. dev has then created a ‘bed’ of sorts on the mattress and surrounded it with other objects that he can cover up with blankets – to create his cozy nook.

what’s the purpose of the nook? isn’t that OBVIOUS by its name? it’s for nuzzling, of course.

you can’t really begin to imagine how much anxiety i have over trying to explain this to people who come over to our place. i mean, at first glance it looks like we might be having marital difficulties and that things are so bad that dev’s not even allowed the couch, but just this meagre portion of the hallway FLOOR. secondly, if we explain oh that, that’s just our nuzzle nook – that makes people uncomfortable. understandably. they’re already unnerved by the kill room bathroom, why push them over the edge?

so every time we have guests over i have to do a mad scramble around the house and tear down trash bags and shove the unyielding giant memory foam mattress into a closet. so when i open our front door and i look frazzled and my hair is askew, you now know why. and you can be relieved to know that it’s NOT due to a romp around in the nuzzle nook.

and here’s the dangerous thing about love. it actually makes all this behavior endearing. i’m reminded daily that the man i’ve married effortlessly squeezes the optimum amount of happiness out of any situation he’s in. and his joyful exuberance is so damn infectious that i forgive him for his tub time and his nuzzle nooks and the fact that he cannot seem to learn which trash bin is for recycling even though it’s VERY CLEAR TO ME.

also, these antics need to be recorded for the day our future kids tell me that i’m the crazy one.

May 11

so much muchness.

over the past few weeks i’ve been collecting, curating and posting for the SoulPancake tumblr (check it out & follow if you’re a tumblr-ite!).

it’s a task i really enjoy, but it can gobble up a lot of time as it’s all too easy to get lost in the vortex of the interwebs – clicking and scrolling and finding treasures and sorting through yet another version of the ‘keep calm’ poster stuff.

today i was again struck by how never-ending it is – this ability to forage and find art and explore other people’s creative expressions. you can search all day and still never get to a place where you’ve truly ‘seen it all’.

which is kind of overwhelming, right?

i started thinking about all the books that i’ll never read. all the paintings, illustrations, photographs that i’ll never see. the music i’ll never hear. the movies i’ll never experience. because the reality is that there is only so much we can be exposed to. and it’s a bittersweet realization, because i also feel incredibly grateful for the near-instant access i have to pretty much all of these things.

it’s all here, at my fingertips, waiting to be found, examined, read, heard. and yet, i’m not experiencing it tangibly. (whoa! i did not expect tangibly to be an actual word. i feel like i just scored the jackpot on words with friends).

anyway, i’m not spending my days in galleries, and concert venues, theaters and dusty bookstores with overflowing shelves. i’m here. on this swiveling chair in front of this large screen. i’m absorbing it all, but not in that immediate ‘i can touch it’ sense.

i also feel this way when it comes to social media. yes, we are more connected than ever before, but i also feel a bit disconnected. the last time i sat in a room with friends sharing stories was a few days before my wedding. i remember elizabeth regaling us with tales of the bad-ass monkeys in india. that was over a year ago. but i read my friend’s blogs. i’ve seen their facebook status updates. i’ve read 140 characters worth of what they’re doing on twitter. so on one level i do feel connected, and yet, i’ve forgotten the color of their eyes and what their laughter sounds like.

is this what you’d call a dichotomy? maybe if i read more books than blogs, i’d know for sure.

links to image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4.

May 11
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i wish i had known you when i was a little boy, when you were six and half and i was four and a half.

i would have chased you around the merri-go-round. and probably splashed water on you. i would have put sand in your hair and sprinted away to initiate a chase. and then, when we had both worn ourselves into the ground, i would have shared my juicebox with you and probably stared at you for a little too long. i would have told your friends to tell you that i thought you were pretty.

i need to find a time machine.


the little man © Francis Marquez
May 11


in one lifetime we have to make so many decisions. some big. many small. from the minute we wake up, we begin making a series of decisions. even getting out of bed, is a decision.

some decisions seen insignificant but end up being potent and even catastrophic. you hear the autopsies of these decisions in hushed tones when untimely deaths occur. swimming pool gates left unlocked, and drivers deciding they were sober enough, and seat belts left unbuckled.

ultimately, every one of our decisions shape us in some minor or major way. our choices may take us down roads we didn’t think we’d ever venture down, or lead us on paths that we are all too familiar with. regardless, our decisions always have implications.

and i know this isn’t new or novel. it’s a timeless process. as long as there have been humans, there have been decisions to make.

but lately it’s what goes into the making of the decisions that fascinates me. the cocktail of history, fear, certainty, hope, and faith that blends together and determines what’s next. i’m interested in the catalysts for spontaneous decisions and those rare moments when the noisy head takes a backseat to the heart. and as i’m becoming more aware that we are the decisions we make, i’m becoming more selective. more intentional. less haphazard.

last week i learned about a man who wrote his own obituary. as i read his ‘final post’ it reminded me how ephemeral this life is. there are no guarantees, no promises of tomorrow. we all just have now. at this very moment my heart is beating, and so is yours.

and i believe it’s so very important to make those beats count.

May 11
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May 11

cake pops.

so, i used to avoid eating foods that had corn syrup or processed sugar in them. HOWEVER. that was before cake pops entered my world.

what are cake pops you may ask?

cake pops are also known as ‘cake balls’, and cake on a stick, and heaven in a morsel, and golriz’s-new-found-addiction.

they are basically golf-ball sized portions of cake that are encased in a shell of utter amazingness. on a stick.

you can buy these treats at a starbucks near you and i’m pretty sure they’re the next big thing. move over macarons.

tonight, my sister-from-another-mister, ashley, arrived at our doorstep with none other than CAKE POPS in my favorite flavor – birthday cake. which basically makes ashley like a real live tooth fairy. she was also wearing awesome high-waisted zebra print pants. so it’s like a stylish tooth fairy showing up on a sparkly unicorn and making all your dreams come true.

and do you know what’s better than one cake pop?


i’ve now inhaled both cake pops and i want more. MORE cake pops. cake pops for everyone. cake pops for every meal. i want to live in a land of cake pops. i want to start my own cake pop factory. i can call it cake-sicle!

see? this is why i stay away from sugar.

May 11

scott stulberg

today i was spellbound by scott stulberg’s photography. getting a glimpse through his lens at all the amazing places on earth he’s traveled to, i wanted to pack a bag and hop on a plane with dev to some faraway land. away from our desks and this apartment that on these hot LA days feels like we’re inside a pre-heated oven. away from our overbearing landlord who today told devon that he was ‘heavy-footed’ and needs to make less noise when he walks and is making us sign a waiver in order to have a few friends over tomorrow night. ugh.

all above images are credited to scott stulberg.

May 11

face to furry face.

this series of animal photographs by stefano unterhiner is fantastic. i love how he draws out the personality of each animal.

May 11

beds. the making of. and the unmaking of.

i used to not be a bed maker. but then melanie newman entered my life. melanie was one of my flatmates in college and she made her bed each day like it was her job. actually, she made her bed like she was the boss of bed making. or the regional manager of bed making. or the world leader of bed making.

the corners of her bed sheets were, without fail, neat and folded with precision, and when she was done the pillows were fluffed to maximum fluff capacity, and there was nary a wrinkle on the comforter/duvet. her bed basically screamed ‘sleep in me and you will be a better person’. except her bed wouldn’t scream, because that would be unseemly and might rumple a sheet.

one day mel showed me how to make my bed. from scratch. the art of bed making for me up until that point had been to throw the duvet up in the air like a crepe and hope it landed on the bed and somehow covered the mess of pillows and sheets. mel was having none of that. we started from the very first layer and worked our way to the top. and then stood back and basked in the glory of the neatly made bed.

i soon realized that the reason it felt so good to have a made bed was because life could get really messy, and sometimes the mess seemed out of my control. so it was nice to have ONE thing that was stable and consistent. one thing i could fix. sure, folding fitted bed sheets was (is still) the bane of my existence, but i was going to treat them with the respect they damn well deserved.

to this day, i still make the bed. sure, it might be at four in the afternoon. but regardless, before we get into the bed, it’s made. definitely not made to melanie newman’s standards of bed-making, but at least there’s a functioning bottom sheet, and a top sheet and some sort of duvet action. so all that remains is for dev and i to fight over who gets which pillow (both of the pillows are memory foam, but one is far superior to the other as it was legitimately purchased from the brookstone store, whereas the other is a cheap knockoff). hey – unmarried folks, THIS is the kind of fun you have to look forward to when you get married. #getexcited.

all this talk about beds is just a lead up to a trend that i’ve noticed on the internets – posting photos of unmade beds is the next big thing.

i have to admit there is something to the romance of the rumpled sheets and cast off covers. there is obviously something alluring about capturing the remnants of a bed after an amazing night of errr…sleep. but now it’s almost an epidemic, i can’t refresh my tumblr without seeing yet another unmade bed. and not only are the beds unmade but there’s all this extrraneous stuff on them – laptops, and books, and ohnoyoudidn’t, tea cups filled with tea!

melanie newman would SO not be impressed.

photo found here.

photo found here.

photo found here.

precariously balanced mugs found here.

May 11

shadi & shhh giveaway!

once upon a time in the merry land of australia, i met shadi toloui-wallace. not only is shadi the kind of human that effortlessly injects a whole lot of fun and laughter into any given situation, but she is also a very talented singer/songwriter and has recently started a unique accessory line – ‘shhh‘!

shadi has offered to giveaway one of her lovely handmade necklaces on my blog, and all you need to do is complete two simple steps:

  • like the ‘shhh’ accessory page on facebook
  • leave a comment on this blog post with the link to your favorite piece from the shhh etsy shop

see? easy cakes. the winner (you will win the piece that you link to) will be chosen at random on friday at noon. if you have never won anything cool in your entire life, this is your chance!

here’s a little bit more about shadi:

1. list 5 things shadi is and 5 things shadi isn’t:


  • A hoarder- I find it hard to get rid of things like music/sentimental/clothes in particular my vintage shoes and dresses. I blame genetics.
  • Fascinated by old people and things.
  • Constantly on the hunt for cheap/creative craft ideas.
  • Obsessed with tetras.
  • Pretty handy with a sewing machine.


  • Sure if she should be speaking in third person
  • Afraid to speak her mind
  • Keen on flying due to an extreme fear of heights.
  • Able to solve a rubix cube.
  • Tall

2. what is the one of the most annoying misconceptions about australia?

I think that a lot of the world is still unaware of the amazing creative culture we have here. Australia has a thriving community of musicians, visual artists, designers and creatives who produce unique and original work. It’s a collaborative, tight knit community and I hope that, in time, more people will start becoming aware of the incredible talent down here.

3. what’s the biggest fashion faux pas you committed at one point in your life? please tell me you had a mullet. actually scratch that, mullets are cool again.

Hah, yeah, I totally had a mullet. My sister would cut it and she’d do a really good job, but that was like 6 years ago and my friend Roya wont let me live it down. In all honesty, I could list a bunch of them but they all seemed so right at the time. I think most of my fashion faux pas occurred when I was trying to fit into a trend that physically didn’t work for me. I’m really big on feeling comfortable, so knowing what works with my shape and what I could last a day in is my first priority. That’s not to say I don’t care about how I look, but I’ve done the whole 3-inch zip/hipster/skinny/sass&bide jean thing, and my kidneys will never forgive me.

4. can you describe the exact moment when you realized you wanted to be a songwriter/musician?

It was more like a bunch of contributing factors…

  • I started listening to more independent musicians when I was about 14. These guys wrote, composed and produced their own music, I thought it was so much more personal, relatable, rewarding and real. I wanted to be part of this.
  • I was noticing that a lot of the more popular and accessible music was lacking substance and meaning.
  • Growing up and listening to musicians like Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, Tracey Chapman, Simon & Garfunkel, who were all such great storytellers. They definitely influenced my decision to write and play guitar. Two things I’m constantly trying to improve every day.
  • I was 14, and needed a way to vent my mood swings.

5. who would be the members of your ideal band?

I noticed it would probably sound horrid in reality, but this is my dream team…

  • Fabrizio Moretti on drums
  • Daniel Quine Auerbach on guitar
  • Bob Dylan would be our song writing adviser
  • Lykki Li would be lead vocalist
  • James Mercer would be backup guitar and vocals
  • I noticed I’m missing bass, so I’ll get Skrillex in for that
  • And I guess that leaves me with the tambourine

May 11

this is not a paid endorsement by magic bullet. but it might as well be.

the magic bullet entered my life back in 2007. yep, i just did a search through the archives of my blog, and lo and behold, here i am posing NOT AT ALL SUBTLY with a smoothie.

[sidenote: reading through my 2007 blog archives and looking at the (ahem) photos, is a bit embarrassing. but to put things in perspective, i was, at the time, figuring out how to be alone. and how to muster up enough mojo to get out of bed in the mornings. so if i had to entertain myself with photos of my latest smoothie creation, well that’s what i had to do. if you haven’t ever stooped to those lowest lows, then lucky you.]

anyway, it’s been a number of years since i first extolled the virtues of this contraption, and the truth is i’d forgotten that i had it. that’s what happens when you move five times and the box labeled ‘art supplies’ actually contains various kitchen aides and utensils. recently however, i’ve rediscovered my love for blended up frozen fruit thanks to the nearby nature-mart. but i have also realized i don’t want/need to pay $6.50 for a smoothie, when i can bust out the magical magic bullet and whip up a delicious treat for much less. AND i can get all experimental each time and add other things to the frozen fruit:

whole yogurt? mmm.

ground flaxseeed? sure, why not. i need the ‘omegas’. whatever the ‘omegas’ are.

whole raw almonds? i’m pushing the bullet to its limits, but it grinds them up like a champ.

a dash of vanilla essence and pure maple syrup to sweeten? heck yes, way to turn my smoothie into dessert.

other awesome smoothie ingredients include:

peanut butter
avocado (i know it sounds strange, but it’s a good base for citrus smoothies)

if you have any la bamba smoothie recipes / ingredients to try, please let me know.

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