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// she's only happy in the sun.
Dec 11


one of my dearest friends, ladan, came to visit for the week. although we did get to show her around our neighborhood, try out some of our favorite eateries, and go on a pseudo hike at griffith park, we spent most of our time together mattress shopping. you think i’m joking, but alas, i’m not. but you see, this is the difference between friends that just merge seamlessly into your life, and those that you have to entertain with an entire agenda of activities. ladan is definitely one of the former types of friends. she had no expectations of the trip besides hanging out with me and dev, which made her visit seem all too short. and now there is a lonely hole on our shower shelf where her shampoo used to be.


in other news, we are about to embark on the third batch of SoulPancake episodes for the Oprah Winfrey Network. pre-production has been particularly tricky this time around as many of our crew and contacts are traveling for the holidays/new year, and lots of businesses we work with have wonky holiday hours. but as always, we’ll figure out a way to pull it off, because we always do. and in the meantime, i’ve been building cardboard models of our set designs while i eat my weight’s worth in kumquats. (one thing california does really well is its citrus trees and i’m not ashamed to ask the locals if i can pillage their trees.)

i’m a bit sore today and i blame my pre-natal yoga class. even though it’s just an hour of really gentle stretching my poor little expanding body got a work out. it’s strange not to have the get-up-and-go that i used to have…and honestly, more than this giant orb-protrusion at my belly, it’s the fact that i can’t do anything speedily that is taking the most getting used to. gone are the days where i would spring out of bed, and scamper around. getting out of bed now comprises of a 4 step process. and step 4 is usually me giving up and collapsing on my side, and dev having to help me out.

i’m also trying to go for a walk once a day. luckily, our neighborhood is perfect for this. dev and i usually head to proof bakery where i’ll get a decaf and pretend it’s a real coffee and then we explore our neighborhood. and i’ll take photos of bits of nothing that are bits of everything to me:



Dec 11
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while researching for SoulPancake props I found this gem

this creative idea takes a mere robot head to the next NEXT level:

this article explains what’s going on. except i read it and now i’m confused. here, you try:

Dan Rosenfeld’s “Big Head” costume consists of a front-mounted 24” LCD panel that displays the wearer’s face in real time. Inside the large headpiece [Dan] installed a microphone, another LCD screen, a half silvered mirror, and a video camera – not to mention all of the power-related goodies required to keep it running. While the main LCD displays his face, the internal monitor is fed by an externally mounted camera that shows him everything going on outside the box. This image is reflected off the half silvered mirror, allowing him to gaze directly at the camera, while also seeing what’s going on in front of him.

Dec 11
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a smattering of lovely things.

1. i spied this fantastic idea on one of my favorite blogs oh happy day, it’s so clever and sweet.

2. our friend pardis jumped on board the soulpancake train over a year ago as an assistant and she’s currently running the soulpancake tumblr. the art & photography she curates is awesome. she’s doing a fantastic job.

3. this seems like such a good idea.

4. err..this stunt by geronimo had me at ‘balloons’. obviously.

5. my little sister, anisa, is coming to stay with us for over a month! as you can see in photo exhibits (a) and (b) below she used to be so small, and now she’s all grown up.

and yes, i know we need to have a conversation about what the HECK was going on with my hair in the photo below. i don’t understand why my bangs were so wispy considering i had enough hair to stunt my growth with its sheer weight.

6. confetti invitations? heck yes.

7. pretty photo booth backdrop made entirely of colored paper.

8. the below quote by Lesley M.M. Blume from this fantastic article:

“Let’s bring back discussion societies. Polite ones or impolite ones. It doesn’t matter. Let’s take a break from online chatter and move back into real rooms with three-dimensional people. Anonymous Internet postings try to pass for discussion societies but they are absolutely not the same thing. Too often they breed animosity instead of constructive discourse. Talking is good. Real debate is a dying art.”

9. currently enamored with these delicate bowls.

10.  i am somewhat of a salt snob. this himalayan pink rock salt currently wins for taste & prettiness.

Dec 11
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lomo film fotos.

i just got my first batch of film photos processed care of my lovely new lomo camera (thanks rainn!) and even though i’m a big fan of instragram, i still can’t let go of my attachment to the grainy experimental nature of film.

here are some favorites, not because they are exceptional in composition or color. but because they remind me of the highlights of these past weeks.


Dec 11

breaking bread together.

we love many aspects of our new abode, but one of the best things about it is the ease it affords us to have friends over for dinner. at our last abode our dining table became my desk, so dev and i literally spent an entire year standing up at the kitchen counter whenever we were eating. when we first moved into our new place we found ourselves doing the same thing, eating while standing up, when we realized one day, that HEY THERE! we actually have a table. with chairs. let’s sit. and then eat our food at the speed of light. we’re still working on the eating consciously and slowly thing.

even though dev & i enjoy eating out there is also something so ‘filling’ (beyond the food), that happens when you have friends gathering together to eat in a home. there are no parking hassles, no waiting in line, no distractions, and no bill to split at the end of the night. and i find this so much more conducive to fostering quality conversation and relaxed companionship.

this is also why i’m really excited for spring/summer as we have a backyard and patio that is begging for outside dinner parties. i dream of a large, antique, wooden farmers table with two big benches on either side under a canopy of edison lights, that we all sit at sharing in good food and great company.

also, let’s talk about games for a minute. i don’t know if it’s a general resurgence in the world that more people are appreciating the awesomeness of games, or if this is a phase just affecting our friends and family, but lately, we can’t get enough of them! we are starting to build our little collection and so far we have: settlers of catan, pandemic (a collaborative game where the players all work together to beat the board), flux, dixit, and carcassonne. if you have any other recommendations for excellent games please let me know. our nerd game shelf awaits.

also, if you have never played ‘can you do it better?’ with steve failows then the awesomeness of your life has probably maxed out at 99% capacity.

so here’s to breaking bread with friends! and to boardgames! and to brie cheese!

(sorry, i’m on an alliteration roll)

Dec 11

letter to our little one // part 6

dear ‘nori’,

so it seems that you are now gearing up to audition for the next season of ‘so you think you can dance’. because kid, you move a lot. and not just little kicks and jabs, but full revolutions where you spin around (presumably on your head) and then i feel a flurry of hand movements like you’re conducting an orchestra. if all this is any indication of the energy you will expend when you check out of your womb room, then i need to start sleeping. like all day. every day. for the next 9 weeks. all this to say, you are definitely your papa’s child. (to this day, the majority of photos i have of your dad will just show a blurry human form because ‘stillness’ evades him).  so here’s what i’m thinking, since it seems you and your papa are both equipped with boundless energy, i think your dad should be your ‘go-to guy’ for those times when you are feeling all “i’m caged in this here room!”  “i need to climb walls!” “i must blaze a trail through the mall!” “i will fling myself at furniture with the full force of my little body”. and i will be the go-to for when you decide to slow your roll, when you want to curl up on the couch with blankets and read books, and lie on the grass and stare at clouds, and calmly piece together puzzles and work on craft projects. deal?

last week we visited the hospital where you will be born. that is, unless you just decide to erupt on the scene in a boardroom during one of the many long meetings we’ve been having these days, or as we’re scouring the aisles at trader joes for treats. the hospital is… well, a hospital, but what i really like about it are the super friendly and encouraging nurses that we met, and the fact that we can have our midwife deliver you, rather than a doctor. this is the ‘middle-of-the-road’ approach that we decided to take with your birth, after much research and consultation and advice and soul-searching. this option feels the most right to us, and learning about the practices of this particular hospital (big proponents of breastfeeding, low c-section rates, the baby is placed straight onto the mother’s chest after birth and the parents are given alone time etc.) were all reassuring factors. we also really like the approach of our midwife. she is experienced, practical, warm, and most importantly she is super empowering. she seems to actually care that our experience of birth is a good one and that we feel like we are in control at all times, which was unfortunately not the impression we were getting from our original doctor. it was pretty surreal as the tour ended and we realized that the next time we leave that hospital it will be with you in our arms. DID I MENTION WE CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU?!!

i’m sorry for the shouty all caps but our impatience about you being here, as in we-can-hold-you-here, is reaching new levels of ridiculousness. which reminds me, i should tell you about ‘larry long legs’. a few months ago we bought you this soft toy – a plush blue dog with very long legs and stripey mismatched socks. we call him ‘larry long legs’ for obvious reasons. since the day we bought him home larry keeps watch at your crib. he just sort of hangs there, with his feet dangling over the sides of your crib as he smiles wistfully off into space. occasionally your papa and i will speak in awed tones about how patient he is. “just look at larry long legs!” we’ll exclaim. “he is like the epitome of patience!” he is just waiting here for you peacefully, with his stripey socks and calm blue face. and yes, we know that this is an inanimate object, but it’s still borderline annoying – like larry is some guru setting the perfect example of serenity while we are all caps and exclamation points with our HOW MANY MORE DAYS TILL WE CAN FINALLY MEET OUR BABY?!!

even though your papa still calls you ‘nori bump’, you are definitely more than a bump these days. in fact, you are so round and protruding that you have created your own little orbit. an orbit that pulls in strangers who smile at me warmly in supermarkets and parents who give me knowing nods. small children seem to be very curious about what is going on and stare at my middle region as if it is a balloon that might, at any moment, burst open to spill out glitter and prizes. your little round home means that i now have trouble doing the most ordinary of tasks – like lacing up my boots or walking at my usual ‘let’s hustle’ speed. even my expert dish washing agility is compromised as whatever i’m wearing gets soaked due to the gap between my body and the sink. but regardless, i love the ’roundness’ that is you, and i keep wearing leggings and tight tops and try to embrace the morphing of my body because frankly, i don’t buy into the whole ‘pregnancy should be camouflaged’ school of thought. plus your papa thinks you look very becoming in stripes. :)

in recent weeks we’ve had an influx of dear friends visit us, with more to come in the next month or so. all of these lovely people will be your future fr-aunties and fr-uncles. and i’m sure you will grow to love them as much as we do. many of these friends have supported us through the greatest joys and sorrows that your papa & i have encountered throughout our lives and we regard them as our other brothers and sisters. i hope that you too foster these sorts of quality connections that last a lifetime and beyond. i hope that you are a good friend to many, and that you bring joy, and laughter to the hearts of others. and most of all, i pray that you are always surrounded by those who hold you accountable to your inherent nobility, and recognize your beautiful, bright, light.




when dev and i first found out that i was pregnant we decided that while i was in the somewhat fragile early stages, we’d keep the news pretty quiet. which was incredibly hard for both of us to do. one day dev suggested i start writing letters to ‘nori’ (devon’s codename for our baby) so that i could at least have some kind of outlet for my hard-to-contain-excitement. here are the rest: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5.

Dec 11
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we are back from our little sojourn to the red wood forest and here are 10 things i know for sure:

1. northern california landscapes remind so me of new zealand. and since i miss NZ daily, it is so re-fueling to frolic amidst the ancient trees and the rocky coast lines that patches of earth like santa cruz offer.

2. brunch is the best meal of the day. if you find a good brunch spot, and by good i mean one that has things on the menu like ‘organic, 7 grain, molasses bread french toast with real maple syrup’ and coffee that tastes like the columbians kissed the beans before they got here, then you should just clap your hands with sheer joy.

3. friends who let you stay in their ‘cozy cabin’ in the woods are sanity savers. #so grateful

4. there’s nothing better than the smell of a forest at dawn. nothing.

5. books on tape may be nerdy, but they take road-trips to the next, next level. we are currently hooked on ‘the hunger games’. so hooked in fact, that we’d drive to our next location and just sit in the car for another 15 minutes besotted with the story.

6. traveling with dev means that we travel with our pillows, which i used to scoff at, but now i firmly believe that everyone should travel with their own pillow. it’s that little bit of consistency that ensures for perfect nights of sleep even in foreign beds. (we even took our pillows on our trip last year to cambodia/vietnam/thailand). (security personnel at airports seemed to hate us for it). (because i guess pillow fights are a threat that should be taken seriously).

7. being in a place with no cell reception or internet is something dev & i need to do once every couple of months. unless we are forced to unplug, one (or both) of us will always have a gadget at our fingertips and as much as i appreciate technology/internet/connectivity, it’s just SO crucial to spend focused time in the here and now.

8. fireplaces make everything better.

9. driving outside of LA restores your faith in humanity. on so many instances i was left incredulous because someone did something as innocuous as let us into their lane without being angry about it.

10. exploring thrift stores in small towns is one of my favorite pastimes. i mean, where else are we supposed to find this most handsome gold foil cat to treasure?


Dec 11
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zander olsen.

we are heading to the redwood forest soon which makes me very excited. i will probably always consider myself a new zealander which means i have a decent sized portion of my heart that is entirely devoted to forests and ferns. i love the feeling of being surrounded by trees that were here before i came along, and will last beyond my time on this earth. and so naturally i was enamored with this amazing photo series of forest landscapes by zander olsen:

in his words:

“‘This is an ongoing series of constructed photographs rooted in the forest. These works, carried out in Surrey, Hampshire and Wales,involve site specific interventions in the landscape, ‘wrapping’ trees with white material to construct a visual relationship between tree, not-tree and the line of horizon according to the camera’s viewpoint.”

and in other news, i want to see this movie.

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