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// she's only happy in the sun.
Feb 13
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dear phoenix,

today you are one year old.  this means that for 365 days i’ve had the incredible privilege and pleasure of smooching your little face and getting to know you.

you are joyful, happy, strong, knowing, determined, observant, tenacious, and effortlessly charming. i fall deeper in love with you every.single.day.

i am in awe of your generous, inclusive spirit. you seek out to befriend EVERYONE. you wave at strangers and go easily into the arms of our friends.  you point out babies and dogs and when you drop things you say ‘uh oh’ in the sweetest sing-song voice that i want to inscribe onto my sinews so i can recall it when i’m so old i’ve forgotten everything else.

you get cuter with each passing day. i still don’t know how your papa and i created something as extraordinarily beautiful as you.

and here you are. a walking, falling, pointing, baby-talking, carseat-hating, mango-loving ONE YEAR OLD.

i’ve tried not to hold back in these letters to you my darling. i’ve tried to be honest and explain that along with the inordinate gratitude i have for your tender little being, i’ve also had moments of frustration, and exhaustion, and i-am-not-cut-out-for-this-ness. but ultimately, as each day winds to an end and i gaze at you peacefully sleeping, i just feel this overpowering, all-consuming love for you.

i find that the difficulties of our day always wash away and i’m just left with this fact: i would not change a single thing, decision, event, heartbreak, obstacle in my life – because all of it, has brought me to you. or you to me. or us to each other.

and that is worth a thousand heart aches, a million miles, and all the exhaustion in the planet.

you are without a doubt, our sweet little soul mate. and you will be, forever.



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