// she's only happy in the sun.

hi, my name is golriz lucina.

i cannot pass up an empty field without taking a photo. if you hate fields, you are probably visiting the wrong blog.

i don’t really have a formal job title which really confuses people who like things neat and tidy. and people who use linkedin. which i refuse to do. today i’m the co-director of content for SoulPancake. but tomorrow i might be art-directing a video shoot. it really depends on the day and my mood, and mostly, what needs to get done.

what i can define in two words is what most energizes and excites me: creative expression.

and because my work with SoulPancake in all its facets revolves around creativity and expression, i absolutely love what i do. last year, the core SoulPancake team wrote a book and it became a new york times bestseller. i still get giddy when i see our book-baby in stores. even celebrities love our book. if that’s not an endorsement, i don’t know what is. ha.

i am a film camera junkie. i have at least 25. the one i use most often set me back $2.79. who needs photoshop to add vignette/vintage/saturation filters, when you have a trusty plastic la vivitar panoramic.

i have an affinity for lists, unconventional portrait photography, and browsing supermarkets in foreign lands.

i have a knack for always having a stash of nuts, fruit and seeds at close proximity. this might be one of the reasons my husband’s term of endearment for me is ‘creature’.

i also see ‘faces’ in everyday objects.

salt shaker power + usb

i have a very low tolerance for gossip, comic sans font, extreme climates and paltry coffee.

my accent is a mishmash of the places i call home: new zealand, australia, the usa.

i am generally happy in the sun, and i am usually angry when i’m itchy – which explains the expression on my face in the photo below.

it may annoy you that i don’t capitalize correctly, or use proper grammar & punctuation. rest assured, the university that gave me my masters degree in publishing & editing is probably far more concerned than you are.

i once arrived on a friend’s doorstep enclosed in a red duffel bag. you will spy proof below.

in april 2010 i married my best friend, devon-no-one-rocks-a-sweatband-better-than-i-do-gundry.

he inspires me every day, constantly makes me laugh, sings me songs he makes up on the spot, knows the importance of an excellent cup of coffee, and leaves me sweet notes in the strangest of places.

you may also find me at the places below, or at your local coffee shop where i’ll be surreptitiously looking for a power outlet and a decent espresso.

our wedding:

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my photographs:

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