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Mar 11

monday fun day giveaway day.

some people can fold fitted bed sheets, and others can play the piccolo. i can’t do either of these things, but one of my skills is to constantly see ‘faces’ in everyday objects. i even started a tumblr devoted to them and now i also receive images from friends who know i’m a weirdo. one of my all-time favorite creative challenges on SoulPancake also revolved around this theme.

[sidenote: one day i’d love to create a web site for kids that explores/explains different emotions but uses images of object’s ‘faces’, rather than human ones. just add this to the overflowing bucket of all the things golriz wants to do when she grows up. thanks.]

so, when beth sweet, an editor at lark crafts and a reader of my blog (hi, beth!) reached out to me i was delighted to be able to host a giveaway for the recently published book: Focus: Found Faces. this beautiful matte hard cover book is a collection of ‘faces’ that over 90 photographers from 26  countries, have spied.

the photographs are really incredible and i find it so inspiring to see how people see something ‘more’ in ordinary objects. if you need a gift for the creative man/woman/child that has it all – this is definitely a book worth considering.

here’s one of my favorite spreads from the book:

in order to enter the giveaway please leave a comment on this post with a link to a photo you’ve taken of a unconventional ‘face’ you’ve spied, or a link to a object-with-a-face photo you’ve seen somewhere on the internets. the winner will be chosen using the mighty randomizer on wednesday 23rd, PST. please also share this giveaway with people you know that are also face-finders.

my blog visitors seem to be some of the most creative people on the earth, so i’m already very excited already to see your submissions!

happy face finding!

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19 comments on “monday fun day giveaway day.”

  1. raz grammer Says:

    Hello lady dearest,

    The idea of faces in objects is so much fun. Thank you for getting us involved! Below you will find the link for where you can view my objects. Yes, there is an “s” at the end of it because there were a few that I just really liked a lot. So, there are in descending order of “favorite” to “still favorite but not as much as the one before”. Enjoy and happy today!


  2. melissa Says:

  3. Sally Says:

    You might like this, it’s like someone saw the potential of found faces / objects, but then made them into his own via art. :)


  4. jenny b Says:

    I do this all the time!

  5. ladan wise Says:

    my couch is winking at me:

  6. jackie Says:

    love found faces!!

    i like this one cuz it’s a ginger, like me!

  7. Gusiou Says:

    Allo! Hope you enjoy these two foreign faces

  8. Gusiou Says:

  9. Ashley Says:

    Well, my current favourite is my double usb cord from the portable hard drive that my boyfriend got me for Christmas. They’re such an adorable couple!

    But since usbs have been used as an example (twice!), here’s my stay-puff-marshmallow-man-esque lunch container :)

  10. maya mansour Says:

    i had a lot of fun taking these, i’m so glad you told me about this!

  11. Mook Says:

  12. Mook Says:

  13. nicki Says:

    does it have to be a human face? ;)
    #cylons are people too…

  14. Glauco Says:

    Hey Golriz!
    Loved the idea! I spy faces everywhere too… here’s one I found at an antique store… The best one’s I’ve seen personally.


  15. kimia Says:

    faces with braces.

  16. Leili H Says:

    love this! and here’s my fav find:

  17. Jennifer Says:

    I spied one while Darrell had his hospital stay this past November… the “Room” light looks mighty surprised!

  18. amber Says:

    A happy train I spotted in Lugano, Switzerland.

  19. Bogi Says:

    ahah I spotted in your introduction this thing (that you see faces in everyday objects) and i was like noo way , I was never thinking about that it can be considered as a wierd thing & (and that I do the same thing.) As a kid I was always so much involved in walking home seeing the faces of cars, and by that telling if I liked the car or not:P

    btw I found your blog by your amazing post on your wedding in etsy, lovely wedding and I love your blog just as its so creative &nice:)

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