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Jul 11


lately, i’ve been in nesting mode.

this mode does not suit renting an apartment because you can’t completely especially not with a loco-landlord like ours. i’d love to paint accent walls, and refinish the hardwood floors. i have dreams of installing beautiful white flowing blinds that brush the floors and sail into the room whenever there is a big gust of wind. i would plant roses and a small herb garden. i would also knock out some walls and add some new ones and i’d make a zipline to ash & melody’s house. but,  none of this is going to happen. except maybe the blinds, because i don’t think i need the landlord’s OK on that. or at least, you’d hope that would be the case.

we are currently looking for a new apartment/house, but we’re also a bit reluctant to leave our current abode. besides the landlord and the horrendous parking, our place has a lot of charm, a ton of light and is really suited to what we do – work all day out of our dining room within arm’s reach of our refrigerator and coffee maker.

in the meantime, i’m just gathering ideas and a giant wish list for future habitats using the ever-so-handy pinterest.

and if all else fails, i’m considering building one of these in the woods.

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