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Apr 11

5 things on a friday.


firstly, thank you to all of you lovely people who entered the giveaway for a farideh song. i really enjoyed sharing farideh’s amazing talent on my blog and reading your comments always makes my day.

due to the selection powers of the mighty randomizer, the winner of the giveaway is allyn. hi allyn! i can’t wait to hear/see the song farideh creates just for you.


today we went kite flying and if it’s not obvious enough in the above photo, i had SO much fun. even the unnerving moment when i thought our kite was going to nosedive and knock out a bunch of hipster offspring was fun.

[sidenote: one of the things that really amuses me when i meet hipster parents are the names they choose for their kids. they are always quirky and unusual. not like ‘golriz’ unusual but like: mazie, arabella, clementine, and flannery.]

anyway, there’s a really interesting phenomenon that happens when i am exposed to the outside.

quite simply: i become happy. like really, truly, grinning from the inside-out-happy.

it’s such a sudden transition: one minute i’m sitting inside at my computer, feeling grouchy, annoyed and creatively stuck. but as SOON as i step outside – tah dah! look at the sky. look at the blushing pink cherry blossoms. look at our vespa gleaming in the sun waiting to go on an adventure! i get delirious. i want to sing. i want to fill my hands with glitter and shower the strangers i see with it.

some people need drugs, i just need a cocktail of oxygen, sun and skies.

the cute part is that whenever this transition from monster to merry-maker happens – devon always mentions it. he stands there in bewilderment, his eyes still adjusting to the brilliance of the sky, and stunned he just stares at me. like i’m a magic trick happening before his eyes. he looks around because he really can’t believe that the feisty female with the furrowed brow who was pacing around the house just seconds ago, is this same smiling individual.


my friend layli has started posting a series of photos titled: ‘here’s to longing’, where she overlays her photography with quotes from powerful/meaningful conversations. each friday layli publishes a new piece from her ‘longing’ series. i feel like there is such universality to the quotes she selects, and i love the way her photographs are not only a canvas for the words, but also how the imagery evokes a feeling. check out this week’s piece here!


things that matter. a list:

+ making eye contact and saying thank you. and meaning it.
+ honesty
+ bravery
+ telling those you love, that you love them.
+ forgiveness
+ finding time to play
+ kindness
+ laughter
+ connection
+ community


i definitely don’t need one more film camera, but i certainly want this one. first of all it’s called the ‘sprocket rocket’. which is amazing. and second, look at the photos it can take. long panoramic shots that INCLUDE the sprocket holes. ooh la la. i’m sure there’s an iPhone app that can do this. but i don’t care.

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3 comments on “5 things on a friday.”

  1. layli Says:

    you are the best, gol. i am so glad you dig my here’s to longing project. love you. xo

  2. allyn Says:

    thank you thank you thank you for hosting the contest and introducing me to farideh’s work. i cannot wait.

    blue skies + kite flying is a great fix all.

    also, am going to check out your friend layli. beautiful photographs + words.

    hope your week is off to a great start!

  3. leila Says:

    HAH. I just got down to “hipster baby names” and when I saw “Mazie” it cracked me up immediately. One, it’s pretty close to Marzieh already, and two, her friend Max calls her Mazie! Perfect.

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