// she's only happy in the sun.
Jul 11

a short list of things that make me happy. in no apparent order.

1. my lenny kravitz mug, thanks to nina.
2. facebook conversations between me, evbeff & the price girls.
3. strawberries that taste like strawberries should.
4. evening walks with ash around the reservoir.
5. cool, crisp, clean, white sheets.
6. vast cloud littered skies.
7. wildflowers.
8. bookshelves.
9. really excellent cheese.
10. dev’s impromptu songs.
11. lists.
12. hand holding.
13. going to the movies.
14. small acts of kindness.
15. big acts of bravery.
16. cozy nooks.
17. vespa riding.
18. holding something made with care.
19. the ocean.
20. having choices.

i’m not about to get a tattoo, but this one is quite beautiful, no?


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4 comments on “a short list of things that make me happy. in no apparent order.”

  1. Mallory Says:

    so many of those things also fill me with enormous heaps of happiness. right now i’ll mention the sheets though, because i’m lounging in/on some right now.

  2. sally Says:

    dream tattoo.

  3. Nina Says:

    I love you! (cough cough um… er… Lionel Richie) ;) xx

  4. golriz Says:

    i meant LIONEL RICHIE mug. how did i mess that up?! :)

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