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// she's only happy in the sun.
Jan 12

aaaaand i’m back.

1. whenever we ramp up production of our SoulPancake segments the rest of my pastimes (including updating this little piece of web-estate) get neglected. we’ve just wrapped another week of shooting and so i have a little time to resurface, and catch my breath, before our next big shoot in mid-february. as i’m reflecting back over this production i’m so proud of how far we’ve come. how much we’ve learned and how great our team is. i love working with such a passionate, hard-working, and best of all – enthusiastic, crew. and i can’t wait to share our new episodes with you!

2. my need to ‘nest’ has headed into overdrive lately. which is a little problematic as our house is also production central. having to navigate around camera gear, giant props and members of our crew who camped out at our place during the pre-production week wasn’t helping either. i have a constant, desperate desire to clean.ALL.the.things (to quote evbeff). and not just to ‘tidy’ but to scour. scrub. deep clean. i want to dust crevices and disinfect every surface, which is not that easy when your belly keeps you from bending or reaching shelves.  clutter has become my nemesis and if i see a ‘pile’ of things they have to be dealt with – immediately. every other day i make the rounds and clean out the small trash bins in our house because i can’t really handle having trash in them. i know this might sound crazy/ocd, but mothers have told me that this is what ‘nesting’ can feel like. so if you come to visit, and i start washing your coffee cup before your done taking your last sips, well, i’m sorry but you can take it up with my hormones.

3. which leads me to the chapter i could write on ALL THE THINGS THAT PREGNANT WOMEN CAN GET AWAY WITH! i’ve learned that being so obviously pregnant gives me all kinds of immunity. for example, last night we were at a house concert held at a gorgeous mansion where even the fruit in the fruit bowl looked architecturally designed. i was hungry and even though there were lovely platters of macaroons and treats, i needed something more substantial like a banana or an apple. so, i had the nerve to raid the gorgeous-meant-for-display-not-consumption-fruit-bowl. in front of all the guests. and no one even blinked an eyelid. and then i sat in the back of the room with dev on a comfortable couch and promptly fell.asleep. and people around us thought it was cute. not rude and weird. but cute! and what about the fact that i wear leggings and uggs daily. like it’s my job to only wear clothes that have zero structure to them. and not even the fashionista’s in silverlake give me reproachful glances. i feel invincible. like i can get away with all sorts of social taboos.

4. i have been receiving some lovely things in the mail lately. ok, so a lot of them are for ‘nori’ bump and not me per say, but a parcel in the mail is still a parcel in the mail, and i get very excited on nori’s behalf. one package that arrived for me the other day was a lovely selection of skin care products from nassim, the creator of nassim naturals. what i love so much about nassim’s products is the fact that she makes them all from scratch out of natural ingredients so they are safe for babies. and they smell SO GOOD. i also love that the diaper cream is called ‘ouchie balm’ and the packaging is adorable too! thank you nassim!

5. my little sister anisa arrived from australia this morning! it is so great having her here and it actually feels like i’m a little bit closer to my other home. even just listening to her aussie accent is heart warming. we are 15 years apart and i found myself looking at her and remembering so clearly when she was just a little, cherub cheeked baby. and then i flash forward to 15 years when ‘nori’ will be learning how to drive and the very thought of how.fast.it.all.goes makes the sinews of my heart dismantle.

6. the hunt for the perfect bed continues. i must have clambered my round self onto at least 75 beds in the past few weeks. and now they are all starting to feel the same. if any of you have recommendations when it comes to mattress brands please let me know. in fact, do me a favor and take my husband by the hand, march him to the nearest mattress store and make the purchase happen. please.

7. we’re excited about our upcoming baby shower(s) and the fact that some of our dearest out-of-towner friends & family will be here to share them with us. i’m also happy that i don’t have to plan one thing for either event as all the details are being taken care of by people we love. here’s the cute invite dev whipped together:

8. is it nap time yet?

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3 comments on “aaaaand i’m back.”

  1. Mirielle Says:

    Yay! You are back! ;)

  2. Nina Says:

    1. not even your pregnancy could save you if you took away the last sips of my coffee (you would have to feign labour pains to escape my outrage) :)
    2. Leggings and uggs are cute- damn you and your late pregnancy glamour! How about really letting yourself go, and getting some trackies?
    Things to ponder after the birth ;)
    3. Please get that mattress where one partner can be doing star jumps on one side, and the other partner can be balancing a full glass of wine on the other side, and not a drop spills. You can use it for party tricks. Sans wine.
    4. loves to all!

  3. bahiehk Says:

    8. it is nap time whenever you want it to be, you CAN BREAK ALL THE RULES!!

    7. As per the baby shower invite, nori will be standing on.your.head

    But really I wanted to comment on how awesome it was that Nassim sent you some products!! I met her last year whe she traveled to Latin America and am forever addicted to her stuff. It feels soooo good on the skin, doesn’t it??


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