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Jun 10

according to facebook, it’s official.

sometimes living in LA feels like you’ve walked into a sitcom. conversations are smart and snappy. everyone’s dressed well. hair too perfectly messy. teeth too white. and there is this i’m-a-star-in-waiting sparkle in people’s eyes. the other day we went to the movies, and i’m not lying when i tell you that the guy who was working at the theater, and telling us to silence our phones and buy overpriced popcorn was more entertaining than the movie itself.

i’m obviously a newbie. i smile at people all the time. i make eye contact and strike up conversation. the other day a girl at a stuffy boutique who looked despairingly at my mostly goodwill store thrown together ensemble, started pouring her heart out to me as i was getting changed. i’m not sure why she suddenly let her guard down. maybe it was because i complimented her dress. or because i refused to meet her attitude of haughtiness. but it was a bit awkward. her talking about her ex and her heartbreak and me trying to do up a stubborn zipper. but regardless, we bonded, mystery boutique girl and i. and i realized, hey, LA ain’t so bad.

this morning i got a message from andy telling me that the fact that facebook lists my current home as nashville concerns him. so i made it official (after first trying to get facebook to accept NashAngeles as a legitimate city). and as i made the switch it struck me that i’m here. this city of angels. this city which makes you feel like you can literally do anything you want to do. it’s almost bewildering to be a resident of a place where the ‘rules’ don’t apply. you wanna wear a faux fur leopard suit and tap dance your way to trader joes? go for it. no one will care. the assumption is you’re an artist and this city loves its creatives. so go on with your bad cat self. make us proud.

which also makes me feel like i’m not doing enough. there is something amazing happening every single night. and i don’t have the stamina to be a part of all of it. but we are pressing forward. plans are being made. the potential of soulpancake is expanding before our eyes and we are on the cusp of some amazing opportunities.

i’m grateful that amidst all this dev and i are creating our habitat. our ‘us-ness’ in a place where it’s all too easy to lose yourself. we are fashioning our own world. and so whether you drop us in or new york, hendersonville, tonga, or LA, we are a unit. a unit that checks each other and gives each other stable ground and reminds each other that no matter where on the map we land, we will be just fine.

in other news, this weekend we are going to the wedding of the lovely may shelley and her beau jordan samari. and afterwards we will be hitting up the santa cruz broadwalk for lots of this:

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3 comments on “according to facebook, it’s official.”

  1. Leili Says:

    I know you won’t ever stop smiling at people and striking up conversations, as long as you live in LA. And beyond.

    It’s what makes the world go ’round.

  2. Lindsey L Says:


    It’s so wonderful to hear you speak about how your marriage is your stability. LA is a wonderful, fabulous, chaotic and bewildering place to be certain and to know you have a loving and supportive husband to come home to, I can imagine, makes a world of difference.
    I’m so happy for you, and I love reading all of your posts :)

  3. Nikita Saurus Says:

    Nice!! I work at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, so naturally this entry caught my eye. I hope it wasn’t too crowded when you went! :)

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