// she's only happy in the sun.
Oct 11

all melty.

so it seems LA doesn’t really ‘do’ fall. the leaves on the trees are still kermit-the-frog green and the cloudless skies don’t even pretend that they will offer rain anytime soon. and though i often proclaim that i’m only happy in the sun, this week has been incredibly warm and i’m so over it. in fact, now i’m only grumpy in the sun.

i guess i thought the whole ‘bun in the oven’ thing was just a silly saying. but now i get it. it’s because in this pregnant state i’m constantly on the verge of overheating. i could actually cook a bun if you placed it on my belly and waited a few minutes. so that whole pregnancy glow thing? yeah, that’s just sweat.

after learning that it was going to be ONE HUNDRED degrees in LA today i decided to camp out at a nearby coffee shop. but i’m still hot. and i’m getting hotter watching people drink hot coffee. i want to point out the iced options, but that’s all someone would want. to be accosted by a grumpy woman in a shirt that’s awkwardly stretching over her belly demanding you order your drink ICED.

i have always had a bit of an attitude about air conditioning but now i’m craving a cool space. give me an airplane with those freezing jets of cold air. or a hotel conference room with those inescapable vents. or alaska.

instead i’ve resorted to pressing my iced tea against my chest. and arms. and forehead. charming.

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2 comments on “all melty.”

  1. martha Says:

    hahaha, i wish i could bottle up alaska for you. need more cute preggo pics.

  2. Ed Yerke-Robins Says:

    Yeah, we took a day-trip to Ojai to try to escape the heat. Unfortunately, Ojai is much further in-land than I thought. Luckily there was an ice cream shop.

    On the plus side, at least it’s set to cool down again next week. I just wish the weather would make up its mind – is it a Native American Summer or Fall already?

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