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Jul 11

and we’re back.

yep, even though my body refuses to act like i’m back in pacific standard time (go to sleep!) our sojourn to thailand/cambodia/vietnam/japan has come to an end.

it was incredible. and exhausting. and adventure-packed. and hilarious. and it was the best reminder that away from this desk, there is an incredible earth just waiting to be explored and it’s filled with color and vibrancy and beauty and children whose smiles melt your heart, and skies so vast and water so turquoise blue that you can’t imagine ever wanting to be anywhere else.

i can’t wait to tell you all about it. but first, i need to catch up on sleep and ninja kick my inbox into submission.




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1 comment on “and we’re back.”

  1. kimia kline Says:

    waiting, ever so patiently, for your jealousy-invoking photos. :)

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