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Oct 10

arcade fire. t-minus 2 hours.

dev and i were gifted tickets to see arcade fire tonight. we’re both very excited. since the show will be starting in a few hours, our excitement has actually reached ALL CAPS EXCITEMENT LEVELS. that’s pretty high on the excitement spectrum.

this talented husband and wife duo play almost every imaginable instrument including, but not limited, to the: glockenspiel, keyboard, French horn, accordion, harp, mandolin and hurdy-gurdy.

HURDY GURDY also deserves ALL CAPS.

their recent interactive music video blew my socks off.

we are seeing them at the shrine auditorium, another one of LA’s incredible concert venues.

we are vespa-ing there. it’s really the only way to travel around LA. expect a re-cap of the concert soon. complete with grainy pictures i surreptitiously took on my iPhone.

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  1. Holly Says:

    How awesome! I am so jealous!! I guess, living in LA, all those great bands are just at your fingertips. Everyone plays a show in LA! I love Arcade Fire- especially the songs “Wake Up” and “Keep the Car Running.” Hope you have a great time!

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