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Apr 11

art with heart.

hey internets,

i just found out about this amazing initiative: ‘Art Feeds‘. the whole vision of the organization is “to empower children through creativity.”

how awesome is that?

Art Feeds began as an outreach to one simple classroom, and now provides art for many in need classrooms, after school programs and across the globe to our partners in Africa to provide children the tools they need to develop creatively. Through music, art, writing, photography, dance and performing arts, Art Feeds teaches children how to express themselves in a positive and uplifting manner. We seek to allow children to build themselves up through unique expression and creative passions. We create programs that are relevant and meet the needs within the communities we serve. These communities include- special needs classrooms, behavioral disorder classrooms and after school care. Our focus is to make a difference in each child’s life through mentorship and community engagement. Art Feeds does this by bringing art back into the classroom and making art an accessible outlet in children’s lives.

you can help out this project by adding the organization as a friend on facebook and/or bidding on the adorable works of art created by children in ghana!

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