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Sep 10

at what point does a hobby become an obsession?

perhaps today. considering i want everything sold on photojojo:

a camera lens shaped mug. coffee never looked better. the description and it’s use of OMG is awesome too:
It’s equipped with a lens-cap lid (omg), rubber-grip focus and zoom rings (o…m…g), and an auto-focus switch that actually switches (OMG)!

camera straps made out of seatbelts. safety first.

polaroid frames. because everything looks better as a polaroid.

camera usb port. for the person that has everything. except for a camera usb port.

a wide angle lens for the iphone. because the wider the lens, the cooler the shot. hipsta-that.

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2 comments on “at what point does a hobby become an obsession?”

  1. Pascale Says:

    Golriz, thank goodness i have You to find me all these gems of photographic fun. I soooooo want that cup! Two of my favourite things working together to please me? hellyesiwantone!

  2. Gracia Says:

    I need the polaroid frames!! I’ve been seeing those mugs for a while, but I’m quite picky about mug shapes… I guess my obsession is coffee!

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