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Feb 11

back to your smaller ‘you’.

what? no valentines day post?! nope. i think you might have had your fill of that from today.

one of the best outcomes of having a blog is that people get a really great sense of what you like and what inspires you. i am honestly so thrilled when i get an email / comment / tweet / facebook message / REAL LETTER IN THE MAIL (see how accessible i am?!) telling me about something someone thinks i’d love. chances are, they’re right.

ash gets me like no other. and her recommendations are always 100% on point. this is no exception: meet irina werning. werning takes beautiful portrait stills of people based on a photograph from their past.

aren’t they amazing!?!

what photo from your childhood would you want to recreate?

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1 comment on “back to your smaller ‘you’.”

  1. Ashley Says:

    I think this a fantastic idea. I actually stumbled across it a few months ago on this site:

    They aren’t professional photos, but childhood photos people have taken upon themselves to recreate. I now have this awesome Christmas-gift-for-our-parents idea to gather my siblings, pull out our best childhood photos, and recreate them into a photo book. It would just be so much fun :)

    Happy Tuesday!

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