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Mar 11


it seems i’ve jumped on several bandwagons lately. here’s a run down of just 5 of them. actually, before i start, i’m really not sure that i’m using the term ‘bandwagon’ correctly. in my head it means the stuff i’m liking/doing/drawn to that it seems the masses are also liking/doing/drawn to.

does that have anything to do with bandwagons? maybe not but here goes:

1. the geometric bandwagon.

everything i wear / buy / covet / admire is geometric in some way. i don’t want ambivalency in form and design. i want lines. i like structure. i want blocks of color. i like the way that one line ends and another begins.

earrings spied here.

2. frozen yogurt

i’ve long been a fan of yogurt. making it colder, a bit sweeter and adding mango/kiwi/berries and toasted almonds to it makes it perfection. i have yet to find a frozen yogurterie in LA (i know there’s no such word. but there should be), that doesn’t use corn syrup. but i put aside my staunch stance on the evils of corn syrup to occasionally eat giant bowls of frozen yogurt. it’s just that good.

when dev’s mum came to visit she made ‘orange pops’. this was a treat that devon remembers her making when he was a kid so when he told me about how amazing they are and how they are tart and sweet and refreshing and zingy, i internally rolled my eyes thinking this was just the nostalgia effect. like the same way i get when i talk about fraggle rock.

i’m not sure of the portions but basically the recipe is:

100% orange juice
plain full cream yogurt
vanilla essence

you combine all of this and then put the mix into tiny cups (like the ones you get at the dentist to rinse out your mouth), add a popsicle stick and freeze for a few hours. and LO AND BEHOLD, they are SO good. like seriously amazingly devon-was-right-great.

3. apple products

i jumped on this bandwagon over six years ago with my first macbook, and now i’m on my 3rd. everything apple makes, i want. even the stuff i have no idea how to use. i still don’t understand what our apple tv does, but when i see the little black perfectly contoured block sitting next to the tv, i feel better about life.

i even love the packaging of their products. there is something so satisfying about opening up the box, and seeing your gadget all shiny and new and ready for action. this video makes SO much sense to me (please don’t watch with tender ears in proximity).

4. not using my phone as a phone

this is a bit of a spinoff from number 3 on my list, but i realized the other day that i hardly ever use my phone to actually make calls. i use it for snapping photos, checking my email, playing words with frenemies friends, seeing what the weather is like in spain just in case we decide to spontaneously go for the weekend, etc. but calls? no. actually, if my phone rings i get confused, and my first thought is did i set an alarm? is this a siren? what is going on?!

i sort of miss phone calls. i guess having a service (ahem. at&t) that drops also takes some of the fun out of calls. it’s just awkward to pick up a conversation when it’s been halted mid call. it’s like re-telling the punch line of a joke when the person didn’t hear you. the magic is vaporized. there’s no reclaiming that moment. also the ‘can you hear me now’ dance is also a buzz kill. so i guess in conclusion i blame bad cell phone reception for this bandwagon.

remember land lines? remember phones that you couldn’t walk around the room/drive a car with? i remember havingĀ  marathon conversations with Q where i’d lie on my bed with my legs up against the wall and we’d talk. for six hours (!) these days we text each other via words with friends. oh the perils of being just like the Jetsons.

5. day hikes

i’ve always loved walking. but lately i’ve been enamored with little hikes. i’m not talking rugged wool socks and hiking boots hiking. i haven’t yet invested in a camelpack and probably won’t. i just mean gentle slopes where there are trees and foliage and dirt. and vast skies. and of all the places in the world to have started enjoying this flirtation with nature i’ve found it in LA. #ohtheirony

ok. your turn. i’d love to hear about the bandwagons you’ve jumped on lately!

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  1. Mary Says:

    I’ve jumped on the minimalism, geometric bandwagon… about sixty years too late! I miss modernism/formalism without being alive to see it.
    I’m loving art and decorating with geometric, clean lines…
    Like Agnes Martin, worked spotted here…

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