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Mar 11

beauty at arm’s reach.

my friend pascale has a post on SoulPancake today about trying to find moments of beauty amidst the devastating earthquake that happened in christchurch, new zealand a few weeks ago. pascale’s family home was destroyed along with most of her possessions. instead of being mired down by the whole overwhelming situation and the significant loss, pascale writes about how grateful she is for the small, simple treats – a hot cup of tea and a warm shower. in this post, she asks the SoulPancake community to share snapshoots of beauty they found at arm’s reach.

finding beauty at arm’s reach is all too easy sitting in front of my screen with my favorite blogs bookmarked (i know this isn’t exactly what pascale had in mind!), but here are some beautiful things i’ve spied recently.

found here.

credit: christopher jonassen)

seen here.

credit: where-the-stars-sleep

spotted here.

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