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Apr 11

before i die.

in an ideal world, i would roam the world high-fiving the creative people who make public art installations that push deeper thought and meaning.

candy chung would be one of those people. in her ‘before i die‘ project, chung found an abandoned building in new orleans that looked like this:

and covered it in blackboards that have ‘before i die…..’ written on them in white with blank spaces for people to fill in the rest.

she then included little dishes with chalk and the public who walked by the building started filling in the blanks leading to this incredibly powerful installation:

learning about projects like this gives me so much inspiration for the SoulPancake video series that we’re currently working on.

if you come across other public art projects / art installations that inspire you, please share them with me!

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4 comments on “before i die.”

  1. molly Says:

    i would love to come up with a major public project like this. one key is to make sure it’s also ephemeral and doesn’t hurt/ruin any permanent structure or landscape, but can blow by with the wind, as well as enhance it while it’s there. this particular project does that perfectly. how beautiful.

  2. Mike krebsbach Says:

    … Learn to say ‘sorry’ in Arabic
    … Float on my back in the ocean holding hands with a sea-otter
    … Finish my novel.

  3. k Says:

  4. YiLin Says:

    Amazing, wish they had one in my city!

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