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Oct 10

best email o’ the day.

so i have this amazing friend who is a teacher in new zealand. her name is jasmine tui sutton. i used to tease her and say that if she married my brother her name would be jasmine tui khozouei.

in order for that joke to be even REMOTELY funny you need to know how to pronounce ‘tui’ and ‘khozouei’.

for those of you still confused, khozouei was my maiden name. imagine learning how to spell that as a over-achieving 3 year old. i always used to get the ‘e’ and the ‘i’ at the end swapped around. but in my defense, it’s not exactly SMITH. or JONES.

anyway, the stories i could regale you about jasmine and our adventures together are endless. we became fast friends the first year of highschool and for the next 5 years we were inseparable. i guess we’re not supposed to have favorites, but i’ll admit, jazy is one of my all time favorites.

in fact, i am going to start regaling you with our stories in upcoming blog posts, because they need to be recorded for posterity’s sake. or at least so our future children can one day use them against us. i used to get jazy into all sorts of trouble, but she made my life WAY more fun and she can pull a face that imitates a walrus PERFECTLY. and that, ladies and gents, is what friends are for.

and in case you needed more proof that jasmine is awesome. here’s a photo of her mowing new zealand pastures.

so just minutes ago i got this email from her. keep in mind she lives in NEW ZEALAND. like the other end of the earth. and yet, this wonderful friend of mine bought copies of the SoulPancake book. what a legend.

Hello! A funny little moment happened to me. Must tell.

1. So I have today off. I attended a course in the holidays, so the Principal let me select any day. I chose the day after Labour Day (which incidentally celebrates a NZ guy who fought for 8 hours work, 8 hours play, 8 hours sleep!) so now I have had a 4 day weekend. Primo!

2. As I am slumbering away I hear a rap, tappity, tap on my cute little door. I am SURE it is a Jehovah’s Witness. And in a way it is (in a GREAT way). I don’t want to engage in chitter chatter with them, so I continue sleeping.

3. I suddenly have a thought that it might be those SoulPancake books I ordered some time ago. I run to the door, and there nestled behind a pot plant-and not stolen (can’t believe it in this neighbourhood!) is my package.

4. I open it with reckelessness and sniff it. (Weird). I flick through the pages, and what is the first page I happen upon you ask? What scares me more than finding a spider in my bra? A HUGE life size photo of your foot. I am certain it is yours. I haven’t seen it that close up for YEARS. I glance at it again, and can’t stop laughing. But Golly, I laugh in fear. I study the toes and imagine the way they move. Yup-it is yours.

5. I slap myself and read the introduction. (but can’t stop thinking about your foot and the way you used to torment me with it-use it as a hand, pinch me with it-like on my skin for goodness sakes! and the whole time I hear your laughter and feel all lonely for you! Really your feet are not odd at all, it just the way you used to use them-don’t want you getting no complex here!) I scan the book again and see a photo section and see it with my own two eyes-it is indeed your foot! Yowzers.

****Feet aside, what an awesome achievement is this book. I love it. I can’t wait to read it. What a perfect day for it to arive on my doorstep. Hope all is well with you. Miss you and your scary feet.


authors note:

1. this is the page from the book that jasmine is referring to:

2. yes, it’s true. i used to creep her out with my very dexterous feet. and also there was that one time when i ironed my pants WHILE WEARING THEM. which resulted in a large tear drop shaped blister above my knee. which i then forced jasmine to watch me pop during school assembly. with a… (wait for it) safety pin from our school uniform kilt.

she’s never forgiven me for that. poor girl.

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3 comments on “best email o’ the day.”

  1. Gracia Says:

    All I can think is “I hope that’s photoshop because I can’t imagine sitting there while someone writes on my foot… tickles!”

    Oh, and I got all confused about your maiden name and the fact that you have a different name than your husband… Did you both get new names? That’d be cool. I wanted for my husband and I to change our names to something incredibly fantastic, but here in Spain no one is allowed to. You are born with a name, and you die with it. I could change my first name, but I like that it means “Grace”.

  2. Jazy Jeff Says:

    Oh Golly,
    I forgot about the Tui Khozouei name and marrying Roshy. Sounds a little like the name of some amazing circus performer! Pawsy still calls you one of ‘The Zuchinnis’.

    It still astounds me that I RECOGNISED your foot, and in particular, those toes! Whenever I look at that photo, I can hear your laugh. Isn’t that great; that a photo can do that?!

    My ‘kids’ know about my crazy friend Golly and I tell about some of our adventures-however, a lot of them involve getting away with a lot more than we should have(as you well know).

    Yesterday I caught Hansy reading a chapter of SoulPancake. Awesome.

    PS-I am trying to get the lawnmower started in the photo above. Successful mowing did occur approximately 20 minutes after this was taken.


  3. Pascale Says:

    Um, i dunno when you told me that story about ironing your pants and bursting the blister, but i remember it! And also, i just ate dinner. After having a weekend full of gastro. And yet, i don’t feel grossed out by that story. Am i weird?

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