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Oct 10

bits and pieces

this post that i stumbled on today by dream hampton, is why i am enamored with stories and the words that fit together like puzzle pieces to bring them to life.

“Let me tell you something about money. And drugs. Myth and lore. Mandatory sentencing. Open caskets with bloated, bejeweled bodies.

About kamikaze capitalists who just happened to be teenagers. Young black boys who may have never understood their position—that of mere pawns—in the larger scheme of this but who quickly expanded their tightly wound worlds. Then set them afire. With the heaviest, most sophisticated weaponry countries like Israel had to import. How aunts and uncles became somnambulant street stalkers and parents police informants.
About the little girl who had always loved the little boys and quickly learned to love the things these boys now had to offer—all that glittered.”


i’d really like 5 of these black cashmere rose pillows for a couch-aphant.


in case you didn’t see this on SoulPancake the other day, i’m posting it again here because quite simply, it’s beautiful. art being created (well) before my eyes never ceases to inspire me.

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