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Sep 10

bits & bobs. & boundaries.

genius = a map that you can interact with by scratching off the countries you have visited. currently sold out, but bookmarking this for future purchasing.


i love creative storage ideas like this: (spied at reform school)


we have been looking high and low for a couch. and we keep running into this quandary: good looking couches are not comfortable. and comfortable couches are not good looking.

this one from urban outfitters looks good. but it might feel akin to sitting on concrete covered in tweed. you see our dilemma.


this twitter feed translates 50cents tweets into the Queen’s english. hilarious.


still on my font fix: this stone alphabet made by clotilde olyff is delightful.


ok. so here’s the thing. i’ve realized my blog has become a bit of an online scrapbook these days. there are lots of reasons for this: the amount of time i can devote to it is one thing that’s become much more limited because of all the exciting (i can’t wait to have the green light to tell you about it) progress that is happening with the main project i’m involved with: SoulPancake…but the main reason is that i’m still figuring out the boundaries i want to set with my blog.

over the past 5 years, i’ve started and abandoned numerous blogs. fourcupsoftea was started over 3 years ago as a result of my having a broken heart and a lot of extra time on my hands. i was pretty much ok with baring my heart for the world to read. but let’s be honest, at that point the ‘world’ was my mum, 2 friends from new zealand, and my roommate who would scan for her name in posts and move on (shout out to the lovely M2).

these days my world has expanded a bit (i blame the ridiculously high amount of traffic i get from our wedding film) and i have this lovely, new audience – a large number of which are strangers. which is amazing and humbling but also has pushed me into a space where i feel like i need to cater to new expectations.

and that’s where i sometimes get stuck. i’m not constantly shedding light on the horrendous hate crimes happening in our world, the plight of the congolese or the innocent baha’i’s imprisoned in iran. i’m giving you links to maps you can scratch and creative music videos that blow my mind.

and i guess my fear is that my blog could easily become just another shallow portal, instead of a place that offers substance.

(did you just roll your eyes? if so, you are totally warranted)

so. i’m going to try to inject more of my truth onto these pages which are really made up of a bunch of binary code. (isn’t that crazy? a bunch of 0’s and 1’s bind together and deliver messages and connect people and hearts and have enabled me to make amazing new friends all over the world.) i guess i don’t really know what it means to inject more truth into my blog, but perhaps it means delving deeper into the topics that matter to me. maybe it means talking about my experiences with less filters. maybe it means less pretty pictures and more words. i really don’t know.

i’d love feedback on this.

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13 comments on “bits & bobs. & boundaries.”

  1. Sholeh Says:


    After 10 years, I still struggle with the same blogging questions. I love your blog, you always point out things I haven’t seen elsewhere. Write about what inspires you, those are the things that make up who you are. Others will be inspired by you. Not everyone can (or should) be writing only about the same things. In regards to personal things…again, that is your call. Do what makes you happy. :-)


  2. jess Says:

    good luck. (a sincere kind- not the snide kind)

  3. Mullica Says:

    Haha I’m one of those people who found you through your wedding film. Honestly, my tumblr is my first actual real attempt at a blog. It too stemmed from heartbreak and now is in a place of love. Let your blog be anything you want it to be. Just stay as inviting as you have been. You are not pressured to be a place of “substance”. A nice mixture of personal life and interesting finds are always great. What are you listening to? Reading? The possibilities are endless.

  4. Holly Says:

    I too found your blog through your wedding film on etsy. I love your mixture of fun things you’ve stumbled upon and the short stories you tell. You have amazing style and I always look forward to a new entry. Don’t worry about what you post- be true to yourself. If you want to post an emotional rant about your thoughts and feelings, go for it! If you want to post a link to some amazing artist’s work, do it! Posting whatever strikes you at the moment is what draws people to reading. I agree with Sholeh- do what makes you happy and the rest will follow.

    Best wishes,

  5. Ashley Says:

    I normally read your blog in the morning over coffee, along with other greats, such as designsponge and apartmenttherapy. It’s a good start to my day, feeling creative and inspired.
    I like the variety in your blog, that your posts range anywhere from heartfelt stories to a handful of links and photos, and your don’t really know what to expect. I completely understand the privacy issue, but please don’t think that just because each entry isn’t about extreme world issues, that you’re not reaching people.
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  6. Rachel (Alive in the Fire) Says:

    Hey Golriz,

    I love your blog! And I’m definitely one of those random people who encountered you through the 0’s and 1’s posted that bring peoples’ hearts together. :)

    Anyway, I love that you post on such a variety of things. Online scrapbooks are awesome, because they open you up to a variety of material you’d never otherwise access. That includes the beautiful photos, fun links, and crazy random stuff you find and post about here!

    I currently blog about Bikram yoga and life at Alive in the Fire and I sometimes struggle thinking about how far away from that main topic I want to go. Recently I started a new series about Apartment Life & Domesticity :) Since I just moved, this is a perfect way for me to post about recipes I’m trying out, decorating the place, etc. You might think about doing a weekly/ bi-weekly series like that :) Then you can focus your posts a bit, but still stay creative.

    Overall, though, I’d say keep doing what you’re doing. It’s lovely stuff!

    And feel free to swing by my site if you like :)
    All the best!

  7. Jordan-Alicia Says:

    Hi Golriz!

    I came upon your blog via Guisou Akhavan. I absolutely adore what you’ve done here & look forward to more!



  8. Gracia Says:

    I am one of those who found you thanks to your wedding video, and I think you should ask yourself who do you blog for? You don’t need to cater to anyone’s expectations, if people stuck around here after finding you is because they like what your doing.
    I write a blog that doesn’t get more than 20 visits a day. I write it in English because I’m trying to improve my writing in a foreign language for me, and I write things that are not really interesting, but are things that I want to remember down the road. How I felt the moment I took off my wedding dress. My struggles trying to cook fish. My time-managing problems. I’ll never win a prize to the best blogger and won’t get past the 20 visitors mark, but hey, I like my blog. I write it for me and that’s enough for me.

  9. Gracia Says:

    *Edit* “they like what you are doing”

    Oh, and I’m one of those who like what you are doing :)

  10. Suze H Says:

    I, for one, am very happy to hear of the deeper things you are interested in sharing. My impression is that you are such an intensely creative, intelligent and caring person, your talents are not realized with a blog that doesn’t go deeper. You have a very unique outlook.

    Myself, I would rather read how you apply your creativity to the problems and joys of your world and our shared world. I do realize that’s more intimate and there are complexities that go along with it you may not want to deal with. But it’s also more real and I like that. That’s just me.

  11. Jon Rezin Says:

    In Stock:

  12. Ebony Says:

    your blog is amazing Golriz…it’s my very favorite place to go in the magical land of internet.’Meat eaters was the very first post I read, after Deirdre Lewis @ a walking carnival recommended your blog.

    I can spend hours with the cozy hunter, re-reading old posts, clicking on links, gazing at your incredible photographs and the wonders you yourself have found.

    there are times when you make me stop, and see life very differently. just wanted you to know that x

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