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Apr 11

my blog-shelf.

a lot of the blogs i check routinely these days are just collections of images mostly – photos, pretty pictures, style inspirations etc. it seems everyone has some cyber-real estate to post the stuff they like. and i’m all for it. the more the merrier. however, when i first started reading blogs back in 2002, i was doing exactly that: reading. people who were blogging back in those days of yore were expressing themselves with actual words. sure there was the occasional photo to go along with the post, but the majority of the post was writing. good writing. and i’m still a big fan of this particular approach. sure, i love style boards and seeing what some stranger wore as much as the next tumblr-ite, but i also want to celebrate the bloggers who are carving out a space to write, share stories, and describe experiences. so, if you’re anything like me and craving some blogs to read, i’m going to recommend that you visit these four blogs today (i’d also love to get your recommendations to add to my blog-shelf):

1. the submerged submersible

this is my friend Q’s blog. he writes without many filters and so and at any moment you might be endeared, outraged, surprised or smitten by something you read on his blog. Q has this uncanny ability to describe feelings that most of the time i (we all perhaps?) walk around not knowing how to give voice to. i’ve been a fan of his writing since we were teenage penpals and i’m still hooked on the way he masterfully paints with words.

2. evbeff

this blog is written by one of dev’s oldest and dearest friends, elizabeth, who, i met at thanksgiving in 2007 and instantly adored. it’s actually pretty hard not to fall in love with elizabeth. not only is she beautiful and charismatic, she is also a sublime accent imitator and 100 percent hilarious. which makes her one of the world’s best ever story tellers and the kind of person that you hope you get to sit next to at social gatherings. if you haven’t yet been regaled by an in-person elizabeth story, then i’m sorry, but you haven’t really lived. however, you can start making up for it by reading her blog.

3. que sera sera

i’ve never met sarah brown and anything i do know about her i only know from reading her blog (did someone say STALKER?). but that’s not the point. the point is that i stumbled upon her blog many years ago and she became a fast-favorite of mine. sarah hasn’t been writing lately, but if you ever have a spare oh, 7 hours, just head to her archives, pick a date, and enjoy. one of my favorite posts is when she collates some of the amazing text messages she receives.

4. mimi smartypants

i cannot express how awesome i think the brain behind this blog is. below is just a short extract i just pulled from the blog and if this doesn’t get your blog reading juices going, then mimi may not be for you.

1. Already cranky just because of being on my way to work, and then some guy spilled coffee on me. Yeah, you’re sorry, Coffee Guy. I know you’re sorry. Sorry does not do a damn thing about my COFFEE LEG. (I did not express any of these thoughts, because I am polite. Bitter, dark-roastedly fragrant, damp-thighed [sexy ed. note: oh MY], and annoyed: but polite.)

2. On another day, I was at the gym doing my treadmill thing, and afterwards I cooled down by walking around the track. Two old ladies in sweatsuits passed me, and one nodded in my direction and said, “She’s walking awfully slow.” Excuse me, rude senior citizens, I am right here and I can hear you. I am walking this way because I just ran three miles, and let’s see you try to do that, oh wait you can’t. BITE ME.

3. Of course you can’t say any of that. Old people and apologetic coffee-spillers get away with everything.

oh! i just remembered one more: toothpaste for dinner. it’s not really a ‘reading’ blog, because the words are accompanied with brilliant images. but reading is still involved. so it counts.

here are a few favorites:

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4 comments on “my blog-shelf.”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Thanks for these!

  2. Sally Says:

    Wow, I love that you brought this up. So much pressure nowadays to be the first to find amazing images. I remember the days when everyone livejournaled, and yes that was all “diary”-type stuff, but it was still soulful written communication!

  3. Q Says:

    ahhh, sweetums!


  4. molly Says:

    the last thing in the world i need is another blog to read. i dont even read the ones i’ve bookmarked over the last five years. damn.
    now you’ve got me going… i’ve had to go along and bookmark all these, but not in the same place, cuz these seem special somehow, i dont want to forget them. they’re great, is what i’m saying. and i’ve loooong loved ‘toothpaste’.

    good call, all around.

    one you might find funny:
    i dont know her, but she makes me laugh OFTEN, like your friend evbeff is now doing!
    thank you!

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