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Sep 10

brown paper packages tied up with string.

remember this post where i wanted a sewing machine so i could make this lovely skirt?

well, today i opened our front door to find a parcel from my mum containing not only the magical hard-to-find coffee that she keeps us regularly stocked with, but also this lovely skirt she had sewn just for me. it fits perfectly and has pockets to boot.

moral of the story: ask and ye shall receive.

other moral of the story: my mama is amazing.

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5 comments on “brown paper packages tied up with string.”

  1. julie Says:

    i totally prefer your skirt! those color combinations – wow!

    and your shoes… where can i find those magical shoes?

    p.s. totally been reading you for a while now off and on, and i really enjoy your writing/wit! :)

  2. Holly Says:

    Nice! I think your skirt is way better too! Your mom should have been a fashion designer or something. Too cute!

  3. golriz Says:

    julie – the magical shoes are care of jeffrey campbell. his line of shoes always impresses me. i found mine on

    holly – interestingly, my mum started in fashion design but gave it up when she realized it how warped the industry was. paying a lot of money for a ‘name’ never made sense to her. i will never forget being 11 years old and desperately wanting a levi’s denim jacket. instead of buying me the jacket she made me one – complete with small red material flap on the pocket. but i was mortified and refused to wear this ‘imposter’ jacket. :)

  4. Mullica Says:

    AHhh that skirt is awesome! I hope you both feel better.

  5. MCINTOSH18Meghan Says:

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