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Mar 11

busy is better than bored.

i’m never bored anymore. i’ve either lost the ability, or there simply is no time to be bored. it might a mix of both scenarios. i feel like our lives are on some rocketship trajectory that doesn’t leave room to just stare vacantly and be idle. whenever there is a spare moment there is something to do. this doesn’t mean i am not enjoying the journey, it just means that sometimes i’m left breathless by the speed of it all. how is it nearly ONE year since i married my best friend?! how is my friend’s once-upon-a-time-baby now TALKING in complete sentences? where did winter go? i didn’t even get a chance to wear my faux fur EAR cozies. geez.

but i’m not complaining about it. no sir. i am happy. i love the momentum and the adventure and i’ll admit, a tiny part of me loves the HOW-AM-I-GOING-TO-RISE-TO-THAT-CHALLENGE?! part of our day-to-day. even if it means premature gray hairs debuting their existence.

and today is one of those days where i want to share with you, my world wide web mates, some very exciting opportunities related to SoulPancake land, but i can’t. because things are not yet 100% official and also because i have used up my quota of all caps and exclamation marks in this post already. but soon i shall disclose and then we will all party like it’s 1999 (as opposed to the year 2000 when we all experienced the disappointment of Y2K being as harmless as our grandmothers).

in other news, i love dawn and dusk. both of these times of the day are magical in their own way. there is a silence at dawn that is so precious, espeically in a noisy city like LA. i love feeling like my community is all slowly waking up around me as the night slinks away. and oh sweet dusk, i can’t get enough of it. there is a golden light that blankets everything and makes it look better.

here’s a dawn and a dusk i captured on film a couple of months ago:


a couple of exciting things happened around these cyberspaces in the past two days.

1. my photos were featured on nylon’s blog. i sent them in on a whim and was very excited to see them posted amidst all the other nylon goodness.

2. etsy showcased our wedding again on this week’s etsy wedding’s newsletter!

3. i was introduced to benjamin evan’s awesome photography, which has inspired me to do a shoot solely based on brightly colored buildings/walls. silverlake has an abundance of these.

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  1. Leah Says:

    Just watched your wedding video. Brought a tear to my eye – so gorgeous! Happy fasting :-)

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