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Dec 10

carwash signs & things completely unrelated to them.

i just was just sent a post about mono tasking (thanks simon grigor!). and i realized, i don’t really know how to do this anymore. to drive without talking on my phone seems almost awkward. like i’m wasting time or missing an opportunity to play catch up. when i wait in a line at the check out i play words with friends. as dev & i drink our morning coffees we check our emails. we basically multitask our waking minutes away. and maybe that’s ok. i mean, there’s a lot to do. but the more i think about it, the more i want to carve space to just do any one thing. and that thing alone.

which reminds me, i don’t remember the last time i READ a book. and that makes me feel sad. and now that i think about it, i wouldn’t even know what book to pick up if i decided to make time to read. it’s almost overwhelming. like when you’re gearing up to talk to a good friend you haven’t spoken to in years and you are apprehensive because there is so much ground to cover.

so there’s that.


we are about to do some traveling. phoenix to nashville to la to san fran and back to la. i always get excited about trips but simultaneously i feel exhausted. when i was young there was nothing more thrilling than going on a plane to a new destination. i used to even pick out special ‘travel outfits’. now the amount of forethought that goes into my travel outfit is: what can i wear and still fold up like origami and block out the world? the results: hoodies and oversized tshirts and leggings and socks and boots. if you walked by my seat on the plane it would look like a mound of clothes escaped out of the dryer are navigating through the skies.


one of my favorite photos from our NYC trip is one is this one that i took with the paltry iphone camera. i don’t know why i like it so much. maybe because this guy was so still amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. or maybe i just like his red plaid scarf.


fact: if you live in LA and don’t have a vespa you are actually missing out on life. in a major way.


for some reason, i really like car wash signs. go figure.

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  1. T2 Says:

    What is your words with friends name? Let’s play! Kthxbai.

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