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Sep 10

chair addict

so i have a chair buying problem.

i constantly see chairs i want to buy and even though we have the worlds largest couch complete with its own gravitational pull, i still can’t pass up a well designed chair. just ask the gundry’s. currently their basement contains 27 (count ‘em) of my chairs. HOW did one person in the span of 2 years collect 27 chairs you ask? go back to my first statement.

i just spent a few minutes on etsy and found a bunch of chairs i’d buy if i

a) had the space
b) had the money
c) could outvote devon and his joy-squashing-gol-we-don’t-need-17-chairs-attitude.

here are just a handful that make my heart pitter patter.

and while i was ogling at chairs, i stumbled upon this photograph. and just….wow. especially the kid on the right. is it weird that i kind of love this?

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1 comment on “chair addict”

  1. Mullica Says:

    I studied a bunch of chairs in my 19th century design art history course. I love them more than ever!

    Do you read this blog? If you don’t, I think you’d like it.

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