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Oct 10


i thought i only collected vintage cameras. BUT it appears dev and i have 14 pairs of sunglasses between the two of us, so it is safe to say we collect those too. mostly from thrift stores. or gas stations in middle america.

i don’t know how to display our collection of sunglasses, but i’m liking this idea of framing them like the camera’s below.

i have a bit of a pyrex dish obsession. it seems i’m not the only one:

i’m cuckoo for clock collections.

and finally, i love the idea of roaming asia and collecting chopsticks. and then adorning my walls with them.

what do you collect?

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5 comments on “collections.”

  1. Claire Says:

    I must admit, I have an impressive sheet music, instrument, and shoe collection! I’m quite proud.

  2. golriz Says:

    hi claire,
    i’ve always dreamed of wallpapering one wall of my house with only sheet music.
    and you reminded me that i also collect small instruments! currently i have a ukulele, mini accordion, and a melodica :)

  3. chupatinja Says:

    I collect Latvian lats (I live in Latvia), the ussual ones have salmon on them, but occasionaly the Latvian Bank makes special lats coins, those are the ones that I collect :)I think that my collection will be a nice reminder of the past when euros will be our currency.
    Here you can see the coins :)

  4. Tea Says:

    Can you PLEEEAAASE tell me how to put the chopsticks on my wall? Cant find it on the internet =(

  5. golriz Says:

    Unfortunately I don’t know how to do this. I just found the picture and loved it. Try mini circle hooks maybe? Sorry I can’t be more help!

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