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Apr 11


lately, i can’t get enough of bright, bold, colors.

here are some colorful things that have caught my eye:

there’s too much i love about this.

pretty outdoor wedding set up.

spied on ashley’s lovely tumblr.

these incredible stairs.

neon satchels spied here.

magical jose villa engagement shoot.

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3 comments on “color.”

  1. brooklyn Says:

    as a lover (and maker) of things bright and colorful myself, you might like some of the items in our etsy shop-

    luckily i have a glassblower at my disposal. i dream it up, he makes it appear. there’s something about color in glass that is so amazing.

  2. allyn Says:

    the stairs look fantastic. how could you not get happy sitting atop a stairway to rainbow joy?!? nice roundup. needed the pops of color for my monday!

  3. Rob Stathem Says:

    Thanks for sharing these inspirational examples!

    I’m really big on bold colors as well. As a web designer myself, I look at color as self expression.


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