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Jul 11

considering a new abode.

at the end of august our lease ends which means we can leave our pretty little habitat if we so choose. there are so many reasons i’d stay here:

+ the light in our house is incredible. it floods in all day through antique paned glass and creates dancing rainbows all over the place.
+ it’s warm and cozy, inviting, and feels ‘lived in’.
+ there are many nooks where i can stash antique clocks, oddities and treasures.
+ our ‘office’ is within arms reach of the refrigerator #ohsoconvenient
+ we can walk to some of our favorite eateries and we share the neighborhood with some of our most favorite people
+ i’ve NEVER encountered a spider or a mouse. i don’t know if it’s because LA is so polluted that even insects and rodents find nicer places to live, but it’s pretty comforting never having to shake out your shoes for fear of a spider bite (i’m looking at you australia!)
+ we’re already here. if you know the hassle that comes with moving you will appreciate the sentiment that sometimes it’s just nice to stay put. i’m exhausted just considering packing up and moving to a new place.

but there is one very good reason why we would leave:

+ our landlord is crazypants.
+ oh, and parking sucks. which is still overshadowed by loco-landlord.

we’d like to stay in silverlake/loz feliz. but we might be lured to echo park, eagle rock, mt washington if the perfect little house shows up for rent.

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1 comment on “considering a new abode.”

  1. patience Says:

    i must tell you, having NEVER seen a spider is a TERRIFIC reason to never ever ever ever move. ever. hold on to that baby.

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