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Apr 11

cowboy, damsel, bear.

i have been organizing all my photographs because they are currently spread over about 7 different folders on my computer, and stored on 3 back up drives, and quite frankly, this has inflamed my OCD.

and, ok. so maybe i’m also putting off doing our taxes. don’t look at me that way. i know there isn’t much time left. and i will get them done. (in my defense, i thought dev was working on them. but he is also procrastinating by learning how to code in ruby on rails. whatever that means.)

sorting through the zillions of photos was a surreal trip down memory lane. i’m that person that shakes her head and quietly says ‘where does time go?’ with an exaggerated sigh. i don’t think i’m allowed to be that person until i’m a grandmother of 16. but here i am, prematurely being that person.

in the midst of it all i found all the scans of the polaroids that were taken the day after our wedding. dev and i had decided we weren’t ready for the wedding festivities to be over, so like any self-respecting adults-who-refuse-to-grow-up we had a ‘cowboy, damsel, bear’ party. (in case you are out of the loop: cowboy, damsel, bear is a modification of rock, paper, scissors, but a LOT more fun.) for the occasion, i was a damsel-bride, and dev wore a bear hat and a white tuxedo jacket with a plaid shirt because he was obviously a conflicted cowboy/bear.

the awesome thing about our friends and family is that they take dress up parties super seriously. people had invested time, money and resources into looking the part and they showed up legit.

here are some of my favorite shots from that amazing day.

and for those of you who love polaroids as much as i do, here is a great diy post by jenn kirk on how to make tiny polaroid magnets:

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2 comments on “cowboy, damsel, bear.”

  1. allyn Says:

    lovely photographs. it is a little surreal to look back at photos…even from a year ago. my petite ami.s seem to grow at lightening speed. happy weekend to you.

  2. viv @ the eclectic life Says:

    LOVE these scanned photos. They are absolutely gorgeous. Wish i had enough sense to think of something as fun as your post-wedding celebration.

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