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Aug 10

cozy cabin in the canyon.

lately i’ve had to describe where we’ve been living the past 2 months, and no matter how much i try to get across the small size and adorable-ness of the space, i feel like i fail. it’s literally a storybook cabin in the woods. we are surrounded by trees, chirping birds, and scampering squirrels. it’s the kind of place where you feel like nothing bad could ever touch you. a literal safe haven.

in an attempt to capture it more effectively i busted out my iphone and some app called ‘vintage movie maker’ to bring you this…ah…riveting exposé. now you can truly see how small our space is, since i basically stood on the spot and whirled around to give you the panorama view, and you get a sense for how we truly live in a fairytale minus a big, bad wolf.

in just over a week, we’ll be moving to our new spot in silverlake, but this little patch of earth will always hold a special place in my heart. it’s where devon and i first lived together as mr. & mrs. gundry. it’s where we would smash our shins DAILY into the bed frame because we still haven’t managed to figure out how to fit in a space so small. it’s where we excitedly poured over the first full color printed proofs of the SoulPancake book, and the place where i finally came to a resolution with the (many) spiders – you stay out of my way, i won’t smash you with my shoe. that’s a truce right?

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1 comment on “cozy cabin in the canyon.”

  1. Holly Says:

    This is the most adorable cabin ever! I don’t think I could ever move out!

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