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Nov 11


we are currently trying to decide where to go for a babymoon. a babymoon is a trip you take with your partner before you have your first baby. it’s also a nice way of saying ‘this is the last time you two can be wild reckless fools because soon you need to grow up and raise a CHILD’.

if this is a foreign term for you, don’t worry. i had no idea what it meant until a few months ago. the thing is when you enter the world of new-parenthood, there is a whole new lexicon that opens up to you and you are forced to learn things that you previously could not have cared any less about. like the fact that a good stroller has wheels you can pump with air which makes it easier to use in a grassy park. WHO KNEW? and WHO CARES? new parents that’s who.

so first we thought we’d go to one of our favorite cities, new york, where we would walk arm in arm and eat at overpriced hole-in-the-wall eateries in soho and frolic in the fall leaves and watch snow fall through windowpanes while we sip on hot (de-caf) lattes. and then we reconciled the fact that NYC right now is really cold. and we are now feeble californians, who are ill-equipped for freezing climes. i don’t think i have one ‘real’ jacket in my wardrobe and no matter how many pairs of leggings i ‘layer’ over each other, they don’t quite do the job of real pants.

so then we considered warmer climates. like mexico. or french polynesia. or costa rica. but then we heard a true story about a friend who went to costa rica and got infested with a spider that laid eggs under her skin and that was enough to put us off that idea while i’m with child. SPIDERS UNDER HER SKIN PEOPLE! plus any of these trips require at least a week, and we don’t have that much time before we need to get started on the next round of SP episodes.

so now we’re thinking we will stay in the state and just make a long weekender trip to the redwoods up north where we will stay in a cozy log cabin with a fire and eat a lot of sourdough bread and cheese. this idea appeals on many levels but the main advantage is that we will be sans internets. which means we will be FORCED into not working and spending quality time with each other which let’s face it, will be a luxury when baby gundry hits the scene. i’m also really pumped to hug a red wood. it’s been a while and i need to fill my lungs with some clean forrest air.


in other news, ash passed on this link to a product line that is full of cozy goodness.

i love this blanket modelled off eagle wings and of course i love the baby seal suit.

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