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Dec 10

creations & curiosities.

lately i’ve been fascinated by geometry. i never thought that sentence would be something i’d think, let alone type. but there it is. there’s something about form, function, lines, and the mathematics that makes it all connect, that intrigues and attracts me. so perhaps that’s why i’m drawn to these origami creature necklaces.


so there’s a tumblr blog devoted to people sitting alone at tables. of course there is. it’s aptly called ‘table for one’.

a few of the photos are poignant. some are boring. and many are poorly taken. but it got me thinking about how i rarely sit alone. and perhaps it’s important to spend some time each week sans company.


another great recent Q find is the street photographer matt stuart. according to his bio, stuart never leaves his house without his leica film camera. and obviously he has an eye for spying the outstanding amidst the ordinary.


these days the only things i want to wear are oversized t-shirts that are have one sequin too many, or are one geometric shape too loud.


and finally, in a perfect world, i’d own a ‘where the wild things are’ globe.

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  1. Mullica Says:

    You are so fantastic and getting to read about your life is so inspiring.

  2. mayan Says:

    you might like this
    very geometric

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