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Feb 11

creativity abounds.

first of all, this week’s soulpancake project challenge on flickr is to create: art at arm’s reach. all sorts of creations are coming into existence. you can see them here.

my contribution this week is my punk-rock-prom-date below, who some of you may recognize from the soulpancake book. my favorite thing about this dude is his mohawk which was fashioned out of two fake eyelashes. i also love that he is sporting a bowtie. fact: bowties make every outfit better.


in other news, i was invited to join pinterest. it’s like an online scrapbook where i can easily store things i spy and love. SO often i see a photo or idea on the interwebs and want to stash it some place for future reference, and now i have a tool that basically does exactly that. i know some people use tumblr for the same purpose…and i like having my tumblr too, but this seems like a much more organized way of collating and curating.


i have hundreds of polaroids and one fine day i will display them and that will be an awesome day.

here’s the inspiration for that wonderful occasion:

if you see any other fun ways of displaying polaroids, please let me know!

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  1. bahiehk Says:

    well, this guy has some pretty good ideas…

    check the page and browse his profile for more.


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