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// she's only happy in the sun.
Mar 10

creature calls & whatnot.
warning: sentimental, sappy, lovey-dovey stuff to follow. read at own risk.

i want to remember this time always. i want to recall these feelings with immediacy. i want to tell our story with all the color and joy and vibrancy it deserves. i want our future children to eye-roll when i gush about how their father would make me earl grey tea, carefully choosing the perfect mug and ensuring that i had the last bite of whatever treat we were sharing. they will audibly groan and cut me off mid-sentence and say in their we’re-so-over-this-voices: “we know… dad would force even the crumbs into your mouth. we get it. you guys are gross”.


dev calls me ‘creature’. according to him, it’s a term of endearment. and it took me about a week to comply. at first i found it strange, but then he explained…

“it’s because you’re so small, and have a lot of creature-like qualities”

“oh really? please elaborate…”

“well, you stash nuts and seeds in small nooks – in the glove-box, or your bag, or random pockets. and you like being cozy and curling up in warm places. and you are a little bit feisty. and sometimes your claws come out and you get scratchy. and so…you’re a creature”.

so ‘creature’ stuck, and then was taken to the next level with a high-pitched creature call – “creach, creach”. and these days, you’ll find us making the creature call from one end of the grocery store to the other, as we try and locate each other.

by now you are totally commiserating with the people that have to be around us all day long aren’t you? :)


our wedding is in less than 3 weeks. i know i’m biased, but it is going to be one HECK of an event. not only will our guests be some of the most awesome people on the planet, but we are going to great lengths to pour ourselves into all the elements. rumor has it there will be a light installation that will dazzle your socks off (dev’s engineering degree is finally being put to good use). also, you can’t really go wrong with a massive, raw, loft, that overlooks the city lights.

the following day we are having a ‘cowboy, damsel, bear’ BBQ and photoshoot with all the friends and family who are staying for the weekend. i must admit that when i first acquired my costume i was almost more excited about the BBQ than the wedding. wait until you see the shoulder pads i’m going to be rocking…they deserve a party of their own.


i have finally realized that delighting in the love you have, and receive, and give, is nothing to be ashamed of. i am utterly aglow. i have been since dev and i met. and there are moments when it suddenly hits me how far i’ve come, and how rough the road pre-dev was at times, and here i am, getting ready to marry this amazing man. my best friend. my partner in creature crime. and i fall for him all over again.


(exactly one year ago today) dawn 2009

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