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Oct 10

currently enamored with…

if you are anywhere near manhattan, you need to check out d’espresso. this coffee shop has floors and walls recreated to look like a library flipped on its side. Q and Shabs will join me in swooning over this i’m sure.

i ADORE this idea, and am in awe of some of the other inspiration found over at Nema Workshop.


i was also recently introduced to the artist, JR through my talented friend misha’s blog. check out her post as she explains how this artist fuses social activism with his art form. the results, i’m sure you’ll agree, are so incredible.


and in other news, i’m having an office romance with my co-worker. ooh-la-la. ;)

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5 comments on “currently enamored with…”

  1. Mullica Says:

    omg i’m going to manhattan tomorrow! i definitely want to go there!

  2. golriz Says:

    hi mullica,
    lucky you! enjoy roaming around my favorite city – NYC.
    take lots of photos :)

  3. Gracia Says:

    I spent my honeymoon walking around Manhattan… and I don’t think I’m flying over the Atlantic anytime soon, but how I wish I had known about d’espresso earlier!

    Oh, and having an affair with your co-worker rocks. I should know.

  4. Q Says:

    just died.

    i’ve left my books to you and anjie. please divvy up at your discretion.

  5. Misha Says:

    thanks for the shout out. i love all the treasures i find on YOUR blog too! :)

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