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Nov 10


it’s no secret that i love our little abode in silverlake, LA. i especially love all the little details that are coming together as the dust is settling and we are making it our cozy space.

here you can see the vintage fabric flower garlands i made for our wedding, re-purposed as an extension to our headboard. it’s pretty magical to wake up to a burst of color raining from above each morning.

in 2008 i had a thing for birds (not real ones but bird decals, bird prints, bird patterned wallpaper and plates etc.) in 2009 i narrowed down the obsession and started wanting every owl i spied. this is one i found at a thrift store for .30 cents. it now lives in the cutest nook in the house next to the loudest, albeit prettiest, alarm clock in the world.

obsession of 2010 you may ask? basically anything that sparkles. sequins. studs. shoes that look like someone just dumped a whole bunch of glue and then a whole bunch of silver glitter.

this is dev’s grandpa’s piano. i love observing dev as he’s in a creative zone…he’s so focused but it’s never scheduled… he’ll randomly sit down and start playing and a few minutes later he’s written a beautiful melody. the music in the SoulPancake video was written on this little piano.

our awesome friends nina & brandon got us this amazing cardboard deer head. it’s one of my favorite things in our apartment.

another wedding gift were these antique blue bell jars from our dear friend andi seals. i am just starting to fill them up with grains and goodness. domestication stations ;)

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