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Oct 11

dilemmas & decisions.

so we have found not one, but two little abodes that may be perfect for us, and we cannot  decide which one we want to make our next habitat.

i described the conundrum to a friend like this –

there are two men wooing you. one shows up on a tandem bike he built, with wildflowers tied together with string and a picnic basket full of your favorite foods, and together you cycle to a park, lay on the grass under a big shady tree and eat strawberries off (recyclable) paper plates.

the other turns up in a vintage thunderbird convertible with plush cream leather interior, and together you take off down the highway alongside the ocean, while the breeze whips through your hair ending up at a small boutique french cafe that serves perfect espressos and chocolate croissants that melt in your mouth.

see, there’s really no wrong option here. but they both offer two very different experiences. and that’s why we’re stuck. and i know that situation number one might sound more aligned with the gol & dev you know, but we are also coming to the terms that we are now *ahem* adults, adults with busy lives who will soon parents (!), gradually gaining momentum with our projects and successes, and so all of that causes us to rethink our slightly bohemian ways.

we are weighing up all the pros and cons. the walking distance to things. neighborhood. light. outdoor areas. noise. safety. community. and most importantly SANITY OF THE LANDLORD.

and where one abode wins in some aspects, the other wins in others.

and all the while, my little womb tenant keeps growing. 22 weeks now!

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4 comments on “dilemmas & decisions.”

  1. Manna Says:

    i don’t know LA at all – but i do have 2 small kids in a big Canadian city – and all i can say is that walking distance to community centers, parks & playgrounds, grocery stores, and decent schools becomes KEY to surviving and enjoying big city living with 2 little ones.
    good luck!

  2. gingermandy Says:

    ooh man, those fellas both sound very enticing. that’s super awesome that you have 2 great places to choose from, though!

  3. kati Says:

    i agree with manna! however, you should really think about the insulation of the two houses! i lived in this really cute old apartment with wooden floors and high ceilings but the insulation was atrocious and we almost froze to death in our apartment!

  4. Ashley Says:

    Haha “womb tenant” :)

    Both places sound lovely, and while I agree that you should base the decision on what would be best for Nori, I am leaning towards the French cafe. You’ll always be the same quirky, bohemian gol & dev, just now + baby. New chapter.

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