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Apr 11


darren rigo’s displacement series of photos is inspiring. right? except the part of me that is my mother is concerned about the environmental impact and whether he picks up the balloon/string remnants after his photoshoots. and i’m going to pretend that he does in fact clean up the mess. because if he didn’t he’d beĀ  irresponsible and i’m not championing that on this here blog. no sir.

so i think that’s all i can muster tonight. it’s 2:11 am. i’m sitting on evbeff’s couch. yes! the same evbeff that i outed for having an amazing blog. she’s been making fun of dev’s hat and we’ve been discussing why she should call in sick to work tomorrow. sleeping in and having a giant breakfast together being two great reasons.

what else? well, seattle is rainy and freezing. but the coffee is spectacular. so basically every cliche you’ve ever heard about seattle is true. tomorrow i’ll take photos. and we’ll find dev a new hat. it will be a great day.

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