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Apr 11

do you see what i see.

we desperately need to do our taxes. to put off the inevitable, i chose to spend the last hour looking up photographers who inspire me. i figured that if i got my dose of creative fuel for the day i’d have an easier time tackling this gruesome chore. and guess what you guys?


well, not in the anticipated way. but in the way that whenever dev looked over at my desk i was so absorbed in some image that he decided to take the reigns and autonomously do our taxes: reason #298557 marriage is awesome. so now he’s busy collating receipts and calculating and reviewing invoices. and i’m sitting here blogging about my photographic muse o’ the day: randy p martin.

i have always loved capturing solitary figures in wide expanses of land. and when i look at these pictures all i want to do is pack a rucksack, head to the wilderness with nothing but a wide angle lens, some picnic food, and a devon.

all photographs by randy p martin
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1 comment on “do you see what i see.”

  1. Oak Says:

    Just got to taxes yesterday, and felt so incredibly liberated by the knowledge that for the next 364 I will be liberated from considering with any real focus the stressful world of paperwork!

    …and being married rules…

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