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Apr 11

farideh danger song giveaway!

when farideh (pronounced fair-a-day), a self-proclaimed, ‘guitar & banjo songstress’ reached out to me about featuring her music on my blog, it was an easy-peasy HECK-YES-I-WILL kind of decision.

farideh is awesome. and not just because her name on facebook is listed as ‘farideh danger’, but because she is a creative sprite who hails from freezing cold places and sings awesome tunes. and she knows how to wear red lipstick well. on her music site her sound is described as part “howl at the moon” vocals, part Motown rhythm and part finger-pickin guitar. what’s not to love about that? you can listen to some of her music here.

so farideh has generously offered to write a song specifically for the winner of this giveaway! as in, she will sit with her guitar or banjo and strum/sing a song written JUST for you. she will even make a video of it and you can show off to all your friends how this lovely singer from saskatoon wrote you a song. that’s like the greatest giveaway prize ever. move over oprah.

also – how beautiful is the cover of her latest album? i want this on my wall please.

here is some more about farideh:

list 5 things farideh is and 5 things farideh isn’t:

Farideh is my real name (it means unique in persian).
Farideh is a 2002 goat milking champion (beating the mayor and a 9 year old!).
Farideh is a fan of prunes and has many other things in common with 80 year olds.
Farideh is very shy and reclusive and prefers to be on stage then out in the crowd.
Farideh is color bind and therefor afraid of khaki.
Farideh isn’t a prostitute (though she has been mistaken for one while wearing a skirt that covered her whole leg including the ankles and a bunnyhug [that’s Saskatchewanian for hoodie]).
Farideh isn’t prepared for the zombie apocalypse and doesn’t plan to be, she thinks brains could be tasty.
Farideh isn’t Michael Faraday the scientist…though she likes that a farid is a unit of POWER!
Farideh isn’t sure that the 5 second rule is accurate, she’s thinking more like 30 seconds.
Farideh isn’t sure what the plan is, but she is sure there is one.

don’t you live in the icy climes of canada? tell me a bit about your ‘home':

I live in Saskatchewan, right in the middle of Canada.  Every year, between December and February, we have a number of days we celebrate being colder then Mars. Those days it is between -50F and -60F, so our celebrations are merely getting out of the house and trying to start the car.

I’m not a fan of the cold, I have experimented with other cities – the weather and people are fantastic, but my songs don’t turn out as well and it all seems a lot less intense.  Turns out I prefer a landscape that is trying to kill me.

Above you will find a photo of myself and my brother in a sleigh in the dead of winter. No reindeer necessary! Our dad pulled it around town with his van.

what 10 songs are on your perfect road-trip mix-tape?
I spend many days of the year on the road promoting my records and performing,  this is a mix tape that features quite a few Canadian musicians, songs about poverty, moving on up and a little bit of bluegrass Metallica.  Just what the road calls for!

The Long and Winding Road – Aretha Franklin version
Road Regrets – Dan Mangan
The Gallery – Joni Mitchell
Down the Line – Jose Gonzalez
Poor – Meaghan Smith
Challengers – New Pornographers
I Need a Dollar – Aloe Blacc
Shallow – Fred Eaglesmith
It’ll All Work Out – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Ride the Lightning – The Iron Horse

i’ve “started” trying to learn the guitar about 5 times. do you have any tips to push through the ‘my fingertips hurt’ stage?

Dear Golriz.  You are terribly talented at many things – writing, photography, fashion. Possibly not being able to learn guitar is the universe reassigning such skills to the rest of us.  I invite you and your readers to consider if they haven’t been able to learn guitar, maybe it’s because they are ridiculously talented at other things and to stop being so greedy.

But if you insist, the best way to learn a new instrument is to keep it out in your visual space so you see it all the time.  Then to remove all other distractions in your life so that you are so bored you start playing.  This is why people usually learn the guitar when they have no friends or are backpacking through Europe.

who is your musical muse?

I suspect it’s the weather and Fred Eaglesmith.  The landscape of Saskatchewan is full of silence, wind and 360 degrees of sky. That open howling kind of sound is present in my music and the silence is one of my greatest inspiration. Fred Eaglesmith is a Canadian songwriter who I was obsessed with when I was 15, he is an incredible story teller, performer and songwriter.  As I age I see his influence spill into my words, melodies and stage persona. Otherwise I look to the music of older times – currently I am into 1940’s gospel music like the Golden Gate Quartet – such creative vocal ideas!

the giveaway!

to enter to win a song written JUST for you by farideh, all you have to do is:

+ become a fan of farideh on facebook and/or follow farideh on twitter.
+ leave a comment on this post about what you’d want the title of YOUR song to be.

it’s as SIMPLE as that. entries will close on friday april 29 at noon when a winner will be picked at random, by the randomizer!

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23 comments on “farideh danger song giveaway!”

  1. Pamela Says:

    Eeep, talented! I insanely love your songs lady and if you were to write a song especially for me it would need to be titled something along the lines of ‘moon child’ or ‘moon baby’ or perhaps ‘wise little raccoon’. Our baby girl (5 weeks old) is named Mika and it means ‘moon’ in some languages and ‘wise little raccoon’ in others.

    Also Golriz, i like your blog. My friend forwarded me a link to it a while ago and i have enjoyed it ever since. that is all!

  2. Nina Says:

    Farideh is hilarious <3
    I love her

  3. Tara Says:

    this is a GREAT giveaway!

    my song title would be: “she’s a cute soldier” (haha… explanation: someone said that once and i just thought the image that came to mind was adorable)


  4. Mary Says:

    I’m so delighted to “discover” a new talented CANADIAN artist.
    My song title would be… hmmm… Shades of Red (I’m a blusher :) )

  5. Jenny Says:

    this giveaway is awesome!!

    hmmm song titles..’it taste like sunshine’ random i know..:)

  6. allyn Says:

    farideh is a beautiful name + her voice is incredibly charming and moving. your interview was quite sweet.

    i liked the track ‘she.’

    a song about me? oh goodness that would be wonderful. but a song title? that’s difficult. i have to get back to you.

  7. Paige Says:

    CHOOSE ME!! RANDOMIZER CHOOSE ME!!(image: jumping up and down wildly waving hands)

    song title: wide open destiny

  8. mkrebsbach Says:

    I love the eclectic country action. I love names that mean something. Right on Farideh. (way to network, lady!!)

    I’d like the title of my song to be “Mike Loves Jenn,” if at all possible. thanks


  9. Ruby Says:

    I am a longtime reader and admirer of this blog but have never commented. I think now is the time to do so since Farideh is very near and dear to me (that guy with her in that beautiful Canadian winter photo is the love of my life). Whoever wins this giveaway is a very lucky guy or gal; and don’t be afraid of getting creative with a title, my favourite song of Farideh’s is a little ditty about menstruation. This girl ain’t afraid of anything.

  10. Rachael Says:

    Lovely lovely lovely lovely music.
    If I had a song about me, it would be named Rae-Cakes. That’s what my darling husband calls me, and everything I concoct in the kitchen for me. ‘Whippin up another batch of Rae-cakes’.

  11. Joel Says:

    Awesomely talented (both of you!)

    If I could have a song I think it’d be called

    Road Warrior

  12. Danica Says:

    Farideh is hilarious and beautiful and talented and I love her even more than Nina does and I have wanted her to write me a song since before she even knew she could write songs so I definately should win since I was the one that had to drive her teenage ass to boys houses and rescue her from caterpillers xoxoxo

  13. Bahieh K. Says:


    I want a song about mangoes and swiss chocolate. Because I moved to the land of mangoes (Ecuador) but sometimes I miss my good old swiss chocolate…


  14. brittany Says:

    so stoked to see a fellow saskatchewanian on your blog! love it.
    my song would need to be an ode to cookies.

  15. molly Says:

    happy ridvan!

    i love the name farideh, too! Along with all her other talents, beautiful album cover, and adorable interview….

  16. Kimberlee Says:

    Um…really?! Such crazy, beautiful talent.
    Song title, let me think here…
    “Winter is Quiet and Love”
    Yep, that’s the one.

  17. Teegan Says:

    Farideh is the greatest and I’m thankful to call her a friend.

    And she rocks the red lipstick wayyyy better than I do!!

    Song title for a song about moi?

    Either “dynamite comes in small packages” or “Lipstick and shoes.”

  18. Stubblejumpin' Gal Says:

    Enjoyed this entry about Ms Farideh, who can really belt out a gospel tune and has impressed me bigtime with her songwriting abilities. Should I win the big prize, I guess I’d ask her to call my song “Kathy is always right, Ha!”
    You know, not to make it easy for her or anything.

  19. Yasmin Says:

    I absolutely love this blog!

    It gives a little sunshine to my rainy Vancouver days :D

    Yay for Farideh! I loove your music :) titles..umm.. “Window to my soul”? “Hakuna Matata”?

    I don’t mind, really. Anything you want.

  20. Sima Says:

    Great blog! Very enjoyable reading and I especially love all the photos!

    Just listened to a song by the lovely miss farideh, and she has such a gorgeous voice!

    If I had a song written about me….hmmm… would have to be called ‘too many thoughts’

  21. Carly Says:

    This is awesome!

    I think I would like the song to be titled “Smile” (I have absolutely no idea why!).

  22. Brandy Says:

    This sounds like such a fun giveaway!

    I would like my song to be titled: “Fifteen Minutes of Fame”

  23. Lua Says:

    She is a funny one, and she has greater pipes than a plummer! I like her.

    A song of my choice, eh? Hmmm. Well, I would no doubt have to say “Mustache Apocalypse.” If roomer is true about 2012, Humanity better go out in style. 8)

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