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Apr 11

ferraby lionheart.

when i moved to nashville i met all sorts of wonderfully creative people –  ferraby lionheart being one of them.

ferraby had moved back to nashville from LA to work on his music and i had landed in that city because the universe has an awesome way of reminding me to never say never. while in nashville i had the chance to see ferraby perform live a couple of times and i was instantly impressed by his talent and his originality. he is an artist in the truest sense – and now that i’m watching the music videos he’s creating i’m realizing that his artistic expertise goes far beyond music to visual expression also.

it’s also pretty awesome that ferraby moved back to LA around the same time we did and lives within walking distance from us here in silverlake! #neighbors.

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2 comments on “ferraby lionheart.”

  1. Merel Says:

    Great video, never heard of this man with the beautiful name :-) I also like your new header!

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