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Nov 10

first nyc book signing!

we had a fantastic book signing at one of NYC’s most awesome bookstores yesterday – The Strand. (sidebar: Q, i took a bunch of photographs for you. you would probably want to live upstairs on the rare book level. it smells like worn books and coziness and knowledge and magic. and yes, those things all have a scent.)

it was crazy to see the line beginning to form at 6pm for a 7pm signing and there was a huge crowd and they completely sold out of our book which is a shame as i think that a few people had to leave without getting a copy. lamesauce!

of course the star of the show was my filterless and fearless co-author, rainn wilson. can i gush about him for a moment? and not in a OMG-dwight-is-so-funny kind of way, but in a friend to friend kind of way. this man is so skilled, articulate and talented. i watched him mesmerize a crowd of 300 with no notes and no rehearsed program. in one moment he can be both profoundly deep and incredibly accessible. he’s unapologetically weird. and hilarious, but not at the expense of others. i watched as he enthusiastically signed book after book, each time looking the gaga-eyed fan in the eyes and using their name. he is sincere. he is grateful for what he’s accomplished in his life. and it’s a true pleasure to work alongside him in this little enterprise.

rhett miller also joined us and played three of his songs – while i held a mic for his guitar, dev drummed and rainn tambourined. ha, we make QUITE the backup band.  i had actually never heard of rhett miller before, but wow, bust out a fan t-shirt. i’m sold. he was awesome. and sweet. and smart. having live music at an event adds such amazing energy. i think dev will perform at our next signing on thursday.

oooh…and i was even asked to sign a few books! rox was there to capture the momentous occasion – these are her photos below. you know the BEST part about signing books? you get to walk away with some pretty rocking sharpies. i’m such a sucker for sharpies.

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  1. Angela Says:

    Congrats on the first (NYC) book signing! I LOVE the smell of worn books. I made my fiance hold my new book hostage until I’m done with report cards and grad papers… but this weekend, I will probably read SoulPancake cover to cover. Can’t wait!

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