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May 12

five things on a friday

so last night was, in two words, a nightmare. my mum and i contracted some kind of food poisoning bug and spent the entire night throwing up. taking turns in our one bathroom while dev kept an eye on phix while feeling pretty seedy himself. it was one of those nights that you wake up from utterly defeated. i’m trying to keep up my milk supply for phix so i’m now sipping ice water and craving one of those cheap red popsicles that we’d get as kids. i don’t even know what flavor they are. the ‘red’ flavor i guess.

and even though it would have made for an AMAZING blog post, i’m just SO grateful that the bug decided to wait till the evening to attack us from the inside out. imagine if it had decided to make its grand entrance during our meeting with O and her team. somehow, i think me in my hot pink dress  throwing up in the wastebasket nonstop would have been just a little distracting/disturbing.


two of my most beloveds are going to be visiting us in LA this weekend and i’m super excited. i’ve been blessed with some phenomenal friends and spending time with them is a refueling like no other. #grateful


i don’t know if you saw this time magazine cover doing the rounds yesterday – there was a lot of heated debate about it. i read some articles about the controversy with some interest – after all i’m a breastfeeding mama and i’m curious about this subject. and then this morning i found this blog post that beautifully summed up my thoughts about the whole issue.


the folks at Artspace recently contacted me and asked if would spread the word about a Pinterest contest they’re hosting. it’s easy to enter – just complete these 5 easy steps & one grand prize winner will receive a $1,000 Artspace eGift card. awesomesauce.

(1) Follow Artspace on Pinterest.

(2) Create a Board and call it “Art I love”

(3) Go to and find at least five works of art that you love and pin them to your board. Include #artspacefaves in the description of each pin.

(4) Write one sentence in the board description that explains how art inspires you.

(5) Re-pin the Artful Pinterest Contest official pin to complete your entry.

Full terms and conditions here. HAPPY PINNING!


this. enough said:

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5 comments on “five things on a friday”

  1. ashley Says:

    “he slept the entire time, except for thirty minutes where he woke up to bat his eyelashes, smile at his grandma’s and cause the flight attendant’s ovaries to explode.”

    Fantastic. :)

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. brooklyn Says:

    based on your food poisoning episode above, this might be a bad time to ask if you have any breakfast spot recommendations in la/silver lake areas? our hotel is near The Grove, but beyond that we know nothing about the area! bonus points if the place has pancakes. :)

  3. golriz Says:

    ha! luckily my appetite has finally returned so i can talk about food without wanting to gag :)

    here are some recommendations:

    + for great coffee without the snobby barista’s that unfortunately usually accompany a great brew, i’d recommend proof bakery: they also have yummy sweet pastries.

    + for a diner experience with a lot of great breakfast choices i like millies:

    + if you want to eat outdoors and don’t mind a crowded pretty outdoor patio, there’s Alcove in Los Feliz:

    + one of my most favorite eateries in silverlake is cafe stella – but it is pretty pricey:

    hope you have a blast!

  4. golriz Says:

    aw… thank you ashley!

  5. brooklyn Says:

    Thanks for the recommendations, Golriz. Cafe Stella was fantastic, as was the cute little cheese shop next door to it- which also has delicious olives! we’ll definitely hit Silverlake again on the next trip.

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