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Aug 10


it all started with my dad’s olympus camera. stashed away carefully in a heavy-duty samsonite blue canvas bag, it was not to be messed with. on rare occasions however, i’d get to hold it. first, the strap would have to be placed around my neck in case i dropped it. i remember it being heavy in my small hands. i fell in love. with the sound of the shutter. the buttons. the dials. it was magical.

when i was about 9 my dad bought me my first film camera. it was a black point and shoot. canon i think. and in its sleek modernity it lacked all the knobs and dials and complexities of the mighty olympus. it just called for film and batteries for the flash. i began shooting photos constantly. i’m not sure what most of them were of. probably our assortment of pets.

when i was 21 my friend ryan lash gifted me a gorgeous manual pentax. complete with auto film winder and lots of lenses. i was elated and awed. up until that point friends had told me i had a knack for photography, but it meant a lot to have someone who took photos for a living to invest in my passion like that.

then there was the digital revolution and i carried a little sony cybershot everywhere i went. i loved the immediacy and the fun i could have with photoshop.

in 2008 my friend mona sent me an incredible vintage polaroid camera. sporting a  grey case with pink stripes, this beauty has been one of my favorite cameras. there is nothing much cooler than a camera that actually boasts COOL CAM on its body.

the past two years i went a little camera crazy. i purchased all kinds of plastic film cameras, rolls of expired film, and even managed to get my hands on some polaroid film before it was extinct. the last roll that i developed is courtesy of my little ‘black slim devil‘ camera. i’m pretty impressed with the saturated color and vignetting.

today i came across sebastiaan bremer and then my heart promptly stopped. his photos are incredible because he mixes mediums. (aha! a new art project). to these photos below he added colorful acrylic paint. in others he uses ink. aren’t they gorgeous?

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